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Al Tamimi & Company understands that legal service requirements often differ depending on the industry, making the industry-specific expertise of specialist lawyers invaluable. The significance of this specialist expertise is particularly evident in businesses operating within the broader “Technology, Media & Telecommunications” sectors.

Specialist legal advice from industry experts

For clients operating in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications sectors, Al Tamimi is large enough to have team members from diverse specialist legal practice areas who have extensive experience in the TMT sectors.

For example:

  • Finance lawyers with expertise in the TMT sectors have unrivaled insight into lease-back arrangements for telecommunications and networking equipment. They understand the intricacies of financing structures and can provide guidance on the optimal financial arrangements for acquiring and leasing equipment, enabling clients to maximize operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Insurance lawyers with expertise in the TMT sectors have a deep understanding of claims relating to damage to servers hosted in leased rack space. They are familiar with the unique insurance coverage needs and potential liabilities specific to the TMT sectors. This enables them to assist clients in navigating insurance claims processes and ensuring appropriate coverage for potential damages.
  • Litigation lawyers experienced in disputes in the TMT sectors have the expertise to leverage technical experts and obtain expert reports as evidence in local court proceedings. They understand the complex technical aspects involved in such disputes and can effectively collaborate with technical experts to build strong legal arguments and support their clients’ positions in litigation.
  • Tax lawyers with specialization in the TMT sectors possess intimate familiarity with the intricacies of cross-border payments in the streaming content space. They have a deep understanding of the evolving tax landscape related to digital services and streaming content, enabling them to provide comprehensive tax planning strategies and ensure compliance with international tax regulations.
  • Employment lawyers with expertise in TMT sectors can provide industry-specific insights into niche personnel issues relevant to IT project visas. They understand the unique requirements and regulations surrounding the employment of foreign IT professionals and can navigate the complexities of visa applications and compliance within the TMT Sectors.
  • Real Estate lawyers with specialization in the TMT sectors possess direct experience in the broader property implications of building, owning, and operating massive data centers. They understand the specific zoning, permitting, and infrastructure requirements associated with establishing and maintaining data centers, ensuring compliance with regulations and mitigating potential legal risks. 

Ultimately, our sector focus allows us to ensure that our sector-specific insight can be leveraged for the benefit of clients operating in the TMT sectors and their unique requirements.

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