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Fraud Alert

Illegal use of our name and fraudulent emails

Please note that there are a number of scams operating whereby our name and those of our lawyers are being misused.

Al Tamimi & Company has learnt that fraudulent emails referencing the firm and the firm’s lawyers are being distributed with documents attached that are purported to be created by our firm.

The emails are inviting recipients to engage in fictitious investment schemes for purposes of defrauding the recipient.

Al Tamimi and Company has no involvement with these emails or any attached documentation.

We strongly urge members of the public to act cautiously for their own protection. Please do not reply or proceed with any such emails without first checking with our firm as to whether the emails are genuinely related to Al Tamimi & Company.

We are aware of fraudulent activity being conducted by individuals or organisations claiming to represent various companies, including Tamimi Capital LLC, which provides Al Tamimi & Company as a legal reference and point of contact. We can confirm that Tamimi Capital LLC has no connection with our firm. This type of fraud tends to occur through unsolicited emails and phone calls. The aim of the fraud is to obtain personal information or money. Company names and logos are used to try to convey authenticity.

If you have any concerns, or receive suspicious communications that reference Al Tamimi & Company, please email us at We recommend that you do not respond to such unsolicited emails. If you believe that you are the victim of any fraudulent activity, we advise you to contact your appropriate authorities.

Please note also that our email addresses always end with and we would never send emails from generic email accounts, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

For further information relating to this, please email