Venture capital plays a significant part in the growth of Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) economy. At Al Tamimi & Company, we are proud to say that we are the only law firm in the MENA region with a comprehensive suite of value-added services directly relevant to the Emerging Companies and VC ecosystem.

Whether representing founders or investors, our experience in venture financing extends to the full gamut of instruments whether deferred equity (convertible debt and equity notes, SAFE and KISS forms etc.) or priced equity alphabet rounds from early stage Seed, Series A through to later priced rounds for growth and international expansion.

Our lawyers are accomplished corporate finance practitioners with deep experience in the entire financing cycle of companies from ideation to exit. Our experience runs from pre-commercialisation seed financing, through early-stage venture financing, later stage growth finance and scale-building through to exits whether via M&A or IPOs.

On the investments side, a key USP is the exceptional experience within our team of undertaking venture financing transactions in the US, Europe and across the MENA region. On the investments side, we are familiar with all forms of documentation ranging from NVCA and BVCA models as well as the regionalised equivalents and more bespoke approaches and we understand the commonalities and the differences in the ways that deals are done on either side of the Atlantic.

A profound understanding of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and business-building lies at the heart of our Venture Capital & Emerging Companies practice. Through our 17 offices across the GCC plus Egypt, Iraq and Jordan, we advise businesses that have successfully commercialised, in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and other markets.

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