Traditional roles and functions of financial services have been rapidly transforming thanks to constantly evolving financial technology. There has been an increasing demand for FinTech solutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as well.

At Al Tamimi & Company, we regularly advise clients on ways to safeguard and develop their digital infrastructure, and better their compliance and operations systems. For companies seeking to raise capital, we have an intimate familiarity with the whole journey of an emerging FinTech company from ideation to exit. We have technology specialists regularly advising venture capitals and corporate venture capitals on FinTech financings from seed through to multiple growth rounds to companies achieving substantial exits through trade sales and IPOs. We understand the dynamics of how to finance an emerging company in a way that future-proofs and protects the company against down-rounds, investor and founder misalignment and other legal challenges facing companies in this space.

Our team of lawyers from our Banking & Finance, TMT and Corporate Commercial teams, have collectively assisted start-ups, private equity and venture capital firms, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, Fintech platform operators, technology vendors and telecommunications companies, to navigate the legal, compliance and regulatory issues in this rapidly changing FinTech landscape.

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