3IP Model – Combining Innovation, Patents and Industrial Property

Our cutting-edge Innovation & Patents practice is designed based on a pioneering 3IP service model offering unique and innovative 3IP services to our clients throughout the entire innovation life cycle.

From innovation readiness capabilities, the strategy and design of innovation projects, the formation of an innovation pipeline, to legal protection, monetization and commercialisation of resulting innovations and technologies.  We also support our clients in enforcing their patents and other intellectual property rights pertaining to their technologies and innovations against infringers and defending against third party claims.


3D Expertise – Combining Legal, Technical and Business

We combine a three-dimensional (3D) expertise in the legal, technical and business fields to offer the most effective integrated approach for safe innovation.

Our Safe Innovation approach requires:

1-Legal services are delivered in a business and technically sound way;

2-Business services are delivered in a technically smart and legally compliant way;

3-Technical services are delivered in a business friendly and legally aware way;

4-3IP services are created and delivered from synergizing the above a), b) and c) according to a uniquely designed innovative 3IP Model addressing pressing client challenges and needs.

By connecting legal, business, and technical expertise, we offer clients a full service that combines IP, technical and business consultancy in context of research and development (R&D), innovation, and technology under one roof across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of seasoned intellectual property (IP), tech transfer and commercial lawyers, patent attorneys, scientists, technical experts, and business consultants.


3IP Services – A glance of our offering

1. INNOVATION OPPORTUNITIES, STRATEGIES & PROGRAMS: We help you identify and deploy the best legal and commercially sound strategies and programs underpinned by the right policies and legal frameworks, using our in depth understanding of innovation priorities and challenges.

2. YOUR INNOVATION PIPELINE: We help you build an innovation pipeline of unique patentable solutions and other Industrial property assets using a unique integrated approach of business, technical and legal techniques at every stage of the R&D process.

3. IPS PROTECTION & ENFORCEMENT: We advise on the most effective strategies to protect your R&D and innovations. We register and enforce related IPRs using commercially sound legal vehicles and procedures.

4. COMMERCIALISATION: We advise you on how to bring your solutions to market by supporting legally protected product refinement and development in line with market needs.  To ensure you are protected we negotiate and set the legal framework with your commercial partners.

5. BUILDING ECOSYSTEMS FOR INNOVATION: We leverage our work with the triple helix model (Governments, Corporates and Academia) to help clients collaborate and benefit from the ecosystems’ conditions, in the most legally sound and effective way.


3Helix Specialization – Sectors, Practice Areas and Clients

With a holistic understanding of our clients’ business, technology and legal requirements using our 3D expertise in legal, science and business, we are deeply rooted and specialized in the practice areas and industries we service, and we integrate our 3IP expertise within our clients’ business to solve complex challenges, enabling the growth and achievement of our clients’ objectives.


3 Objectives – Understanding Your Business, Maximising Your Assets, Defending Your Interests

Our experts are committed to fulfilling the 3-objectives throughout the focus sectors and practice areas following our unique innovative 3IP model



  • Healthcare &
    Life Sciences
  • Education
  • TMT
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Defence & Security
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Transport and logistics
  • Financial Services
  • Others
  • Patents
  • Utility Models
  • Industrial Designs
  • Technical Copyright
  • Trade Secrets & Confidentiality
  • Plant Variety
  • Technology Transfer
  • Innovation Consultancy
  • R&D Advisory
  • Pharma Regulatory
  • 3IP Valuation & Monetization
  • 3IP Dispute Resolution
  • Corporates
  • Higher Education and Research Institutes
  • Government Authorities
    & Regulators
  • Entrepreneurs
    & Start-ups


Mediation in Innovation: An Innovative Approach for Businesses

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which refers to the different mechanisms of settling a conflict without using litigation or resorting to the courts. Mediation is a strategic business decision rather than a pure legal decision (unless instructed by the law or the Court).

Since mediation is rather a business decision, some industries and cases would greatly benefit from mediation. The innovation sector is one of the sectors which can highly benefit from the use of mediation. It is however important to remind that mediation may not be beneficial for all parties and for all cases, and that this decision needs to be strategically taken along with the support of seasoned attorneys.

Watch this video (two parts) to get ahead of the curve insights from our top expert Ahmad Saleh, Partner & Head of 3IP in a fascinating discussion with Christine Maksoud, Senior Associate, on some key strategic considerations and related benefits for using mediation in the innovation sector.



Innovation & Patents: In Conversation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology

With the aim of advancing the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the MENA region, the UAE and the GCC countries have taken serious steps to diversify their economies by including more innovation and knowledge rather than gas and oil, which has led to the rise of a number of very ambitious visions and innovation strategies in the last recent years.

In this episode of Tamimi Studio, our Partner, Head of Innovation & Patents, Ahmad Saleh, is joined by David Martin, Program Director at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to learn more about the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at MIT and how entities in the GCC region can work with the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at MIT.

New UAE Industrial Property Law and Implications on Innovation Owners

As part of the largest legislative amendments in the UAE’s history that encompasses 50 federal laws, the new industrial property law is one of the most important initiatives that the Ministry of Economy and its partners have developed in order to drive growth based on knowledge and innovation and support entrepreneurship.

To understand the implications of the new law on innovation owners in the UAE, in this video webinar, our Partner, Head of Innovation & Patents, Ahmad Saleh, shares a general overview of the new Industrial Property law and the various legal aspects that fall within the new law.

Digital Innovation and Disruption in the wake of the COVID-19 Outbreak

The ongoing reflection on the COVID-19 outbreak has opened the floor to various debates, one of them being the impact of digital innovation and technologies in containing the pandemic. In this video webinar, our Partner, Head of Innovation & Patents, Ahmad Saleh, discusses the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on digital innovation, the role of IP in digital innovation war, as well as patents and the war of giants.

Innovation, Patents, and Industrial Property (3IP) Protection of FinTech Innovations

The fintech industry thrives on innovation, and the most cutting-edge concepts frequently require protection. FinTechs must understand intellectual property (IP) law at an early stage of their development to avoid complex legal battles, whether from a potential competitor or a litigious corporation.

In this webinar, Ahmad Saleh, Partner, Head of Innovation & Patents, and Martin Hayward, explore some strategies and provide insights into protecting your fintech business using our 3IP Model.

In accordance with our leadership’s long-term visions and plans to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that supports social and economic growthIn this virtual webinar, our Partner, Head of Innovation & Patents, Ahmad Saleh, discusses the role of higher educational institutions and the role they play in knowledge creation and transfer, in addition to how higher education institutions can collaborate with the triple helix and beyond.

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