Legal Notices

Professional regulation of our lawyers

The firm is subject to the rules of various professional regulatory bodies according to the jurisdiction in which each office is based.

Lawyers based in Al Tamimi & Company offices who are admitted as solicitors in England and Wales are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales. Certain lawyers based in our offices are not admitted as solicitors in England and Wales and are subject to regulation by the relevant regulatory body in their place of admission. Further information about our lawyers and their qualifications can be found here.

Country specific information

  1. Bahrain
  2. Egypt
  3. Iraq
  4. Jordan
  5. Kuwait
  6. Oman
  7. Qatar
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. United Arab Emirates



We practise law in Bahrain through Al Tamimi & Company. The Owner of Al Tamimi & Company, Essam Al Tamimi is licensed by the Bahrain Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs & Waqf. Our company number is: 77731301.

Contact details for our Bahrain office can be found here

Manama Bahrain Financial Harbour, West Tower,
13th floor, Suite 1304, Office 13B, Building 1459,
Block 346, Manama, Bahrain

T: +973 17 108 919 / F: +973 17 104 776


We practise law in Egypt through Nour & Partners in association with Al Tamimi & Company. Nour & Partners is licensed to operate under the Lawyers Syndicate with all Egyptian qualified

Contact details for our Egypt office can be found here

Cairo Building No. 5&7 (Star Capital Building), 10th Floor,
Geziret El Arab Street, Mohandseen, Giza, Cairo, Egypt

T: +20 2 3368 1000 / F: +20 2 3368 1002


We practise law in Iraq through a branch of Al Tamimi & Company FZ LLC.

Contact details for our Iraq offices can be found here

Baghdad Al Harithiya, Kindi St., Dist. 213 Building 106,
1st Floor, Baghdad, Iraq

T: +964 780 029 2929 / F: +964 1 542 0598

Erbil English Village, Gulan Street, Villa No. 130, Erbil, Iraq

T: +964 780 588 7848 / F: +964 750 445 2154



We practise law in Jordan through Al Tamimi Advocates & Legal Consultants. Al Tamimi Advocates & Legal Consultants is licensed by the Ministry of Industry & Trade. Our company number is 200098582.

Contact details for our Jordan offices can be found here

Amman 6th Circle, Emmar Towers, 11th Floor, Tower B,
PO Box 18055, Zip 11195, Amman, Jordan

T: +962 6 577 7415 / F: +962 6 577 7425


We practice law in Kuwait through Al Tamimi & Company in Association with Omar Khaled Al-Qahtani.

Contact details for our Kuwait office can be found here

Kuwait City Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street, Sharq,
Al Dhow Tower, 16th Floor, PO Box 29551,
Safat 13156, Kuwait City, Kuwait

T: +965 2 246 2253 / F: +965 2 296 6424


We practise law in Oman through Al Tamimi, Al Barwani & Company Advocates & Legal Consultants. Al Tamimi, Al Barwani & Company Advocates & Legal Consultants is licensed by the Ministry of Justice. Our company number is 73M/2013.

Contact details for our Oman office can be found here

Muscat Al Assalah Towers, Building 223, Block 237,
Office 409, Street 3701, Ghubrah South, Muscat, Oman

T: +968 2421 8554 / F: +968 2421 8553


We practise law in and from the Qatar Financial Centre through the Qatar Financial Centre branch of Al Tamimi & Company International Ltd (company number: 00092) and in Qatar through Al Tamimi & Company in association with Adv. Mohamed Al Marri (company number 14219).

Contact details for our Qatar offices can be found here

Doha Tornado Tower, 19th Floor Majlis Al Taawon Street,
PO Box 23443, West Bay, Doha, Qatar

T: +974 4457 2777 / F: +974 4360 921

Saudi Arabia

Al Tamimi & Company Advocates & Legal Consultants is registered at the Professional Companies Registrar within the Ministry of Commerce. We have three offices: Riyadh (company number: 181/12/323), Jeddah (company number: 1/181/12/323) and Khobar (company number: 2/181/12/323).

Contact details for our Saudi Arabia offices can be found here

Al Khobar 9th Floor, Zamil House Prince Turkey Street,
Corniche District, PO Box 32348, Al Khobar,
Saudi Arabia 31952

T: +966 13 821 9960 / F: +966 13 821 9966

Jeddah King’s Road Tower, 11th Floor, King Abdulaziz Road,
Al Shate’a District, PO Box 9337, Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia 21333

T: +966 12 263 8900 / F: +966 12 263 8901

Riyadh Sky Tower (North Tower), 9th Floor, King Fahad Road,
Al Olaya District, PO Box 300400, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11372

T: +966 11 416 9666 / F: +966 11 416 9555

United Arab Emirates

We practise law in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) through Al Tamimi & Company Limited. Al Tamimi & Company Limited is licensed by The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department and registered with the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). Our company number is CL0155.

We practise law in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah through Al Tamimi & Company Advocates and Legal Consultants LLC. Our company numbers are as follows: Dubai (120096), Sharjah (27229) and Ras Al Khaimah (37226). We have dual licenses for our Abu Dhabi office, our ADGM Commercial License registered number is 000000171 and our professional license number from the Abu Dhabi business centre is CN-1039010.

Contact details for our UAE offices can be found here

Abu Dhabi
Al Sila Tower, 26th Floor, Abu Dhabi Global Market Square,
Al Maryah Island, PO Box 44046, Abu Dhabi, UAE

T: +971 2 813 0444 / F: +971 2 813 0445

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
Central Park Towers, Floor 7,
Omlaat Street Dubai Internatinal Financial Centre, PO Box 9275, Dubai, UAE

T: +971 4 364 1641 / F: +971 4 3641 777

T: +971 4 331 7161 / F: +971 4 331 3089

Ras Al Khaimah
Julphar Office Tower, 39th Floor,
Al Jissar Street, PO Box 34053, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

T: +971 7 233 3841 / F: +971 7 233 3845

Al Khan Corniche Street Near Al Qasba Canal 30th Floor,
Al Hind Tower PO Box 5099, Sharjah, UAE

T: +971 6 572 7255 / F: +971 6 572 7258


February 2021: Fraudulent recruitment scam involving the misuse of the Al Tamimi & Company name in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We have been made aware of some fraudulent recruitment scams being conducted by individuals or organisations purporting to be from Al Tamimi & Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This type of fraud tends to occur through online services including bogus websites, social media accounts, online job boards or through unsolicited emails. The aim of the fraud is to obtain personal information or money claiming to cover costs (flights, visa and relocation). Company names and logos are used to try to convey authenticity.

If you receive a communication purporting to be from Al Tamimi & Company and you are in any doubt about whether or not it is genuine, please email: We recommend that you do not respond to such unsolicited offers of employment. If you believe you are the victim of any fraudulent activity, we advise you to contact your appropriate authorities. Genuine emails from Al Tamimi & Company only use the domain of “”.

Ethics and professional standards

Al Tamimi & Company (“the Firm”) is committed to complying with the highest ethical and professional standards and all laws, rules and regulations applicable to us. These apply to all our staff, regardless of role, and to all our offices.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Al Tamimi & Company is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and vigorously enforces the integrity of its business practices wherever it operates. We will not directly or indirectly engage in bribery or corruption in any form and have a zero tolerance approach to any breach. We will not accept, solicit, agree to receive, promise, offer or give a bribe, facilitation payment, kickback or other improper payment.

For more detailed information about our policies and procedures, please contact our Director of Compliance & Quality here

Anti-money laundering policies and procedures

Our anti-money laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) policies are generally based on the highest standards that are required in the jurisdictions where we operate and apply in relation to all of our business in all of our offices.

The Firm has internal procedures to ensure that any suspicions of money laundering are reported to the relevant authorities where there is an obligation to do so.

Data privacy

Al Tamimi & Company takes data privacy very seriously. The Firm acts as a data controller of any personal information provided to us. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information that is provided to us or collected by us during the course of our business as well as the personal information we receive. For more information, read our privacy policy here.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value the diversity of the people and cultures within our firm. Diversity is an integral part of our business strategy and is critical to our success.

We believe that promoting diversity means providing equality of opportunity and creating an inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Human rights/labour

We respect human rights and are committed to conducting our business relationships with honesty, integrity and respect. The Firm is committed to supporting and respecting the protection of human rights and ensuring that we are not complicit in human rights abuses.

The Firm respects all employment rights and protections, including those aimed at eliminating slavery, forced, compulsory and child labour.

Professional indemnity insurance

Al Tamimi entities have professional indemnity insurance cover. Please contact our Director of Compliance & Quality here for further details.

Raising queries or concerns with Al Tamimi & Company

Al Tamimi & Company aims to provide the highest standard of legal service to every client. We recognise however, that we may not always achieve this aim and want to know about any problems so that we can try to put them right. We value feedback, which provides us with an opportunity to check the quality of our services and to make improvements. Our Complaints Policy is available here.