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Private Notary

Al Tamimi & Company has been granted the authorisation to provide Private Notary services by the Government of Dubai. Previously, only designated public officials located in government buildings across Dubai could notarise documents for official purposes, however, designated UAE lawyers may now provide this service to UAE based individuals or companies.

The Private Notary service is an initiative to privatise certain services to make them more convenient for businesses and residents, in recognition of Dubai’s growing population and the need for a wider range of services. In line with the Government’s Smart City initiatives, these services will be processed electronically through a website linked to the Dubai Court.

A full list of the documents we are able to notarise along with the respective fees can be found here English or Arabic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the Private Notary notarise personal documents such as passport copies, education certificates, birth   certificates, Embassy documents etc?

The Private Notary is authorised to notarise only specific documents as designated by the Dubai Courts. We are therefore unable to notarise personal documents or certify true copies of original documents.

Can the Private Notary notarise affidavits or settlement agreements?

No, we are unable to notarise affidavits or settlement agreements.

Can the Private Notary certify signatures on documents provided by clients?

The Private Notary does not certify signatures on documents provided by clients. We can notarise an endorsement of signature based on the electronic templates provided by the Dubai Courts. This endorsement would be a standalone document.

Can the Private Notary notarise a Declaration of Residency?

We can notarise the Declaration of Residency only for the Emirate of Dubai.

Important points to note:

  • All documents must be legally translated into Arabic before being notarised.
  • Documents which are required to support the notarisation transaction originating from foreign countries should be attested by the relevant government authority of that country and attested by the relevant authorities in the UAE.

For further information, please contact our Notary office as follows:

T +971 4 364 1797
F +971 4 363 7268

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