Published: Aug 1, 2022

Investment and Trade Court: Jurisdiction and Fees

Following the establishment of the Court of Investment and Trade effective May 10th 2022, Qatar’s Cabinet issued decision no. 6 / 2022 specifying the fees for lawsuits, requests and guarantees at the Investment and Trade Court. The decision was published in Official Gazette no. 7 of 2022 dated July 3rd 2022, and became effective on July 4th 2022.

What is Investment and Trade Court?

The Investment and Trade Court was established as part of the Qatar vision 2030 to accelerate the pace of trade disputes in a manner that creates an attractive economic environment, in line with Qatar plans to increase investments. The court is intended to provide a fast track dispute resolution with quality and efficiency.

What falls under the jurisdiction of the court?

Commercial matters in general as specified by Article 7 of Law No. 21 of 2021 Establishing the Investment and Trade Court.

Those commercial matters include disputes related to commercial contracts, disputes arising between merchants and related to their commercial activities, disputes arising between partners or shareholders in commercial companies, disputes related to commercial assets,  disputes related to the transactions of banks, commercial papers, and insurance companies, disputes related to bankruptcy, and disputes related to Intellectual Property, competition, and e-commerce.

Below are examples of disputes falling under the jurisdiction of the Investment and Trade Court,  provided by the Supreme Judiciary Council:

The Investment and Trade Court official fees:

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