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Keeping Up With The Social Media Revolution


In light of this, our Employment and TMT departments hosted a breakfast seminar titled Social Media Usage: Developing Law & Practice.  The seminar, held on the 6th November at the Ritz Carlton DIFC, addressed the following key areas, which have become topical as a result of the social media explosion:

1. General risks posed by social media
2. Employment Law implications and potential liability
3. Addressing the risks of social media in the workplace

From our TMT practice, Senior Associate, Nick O’Connell, identified risks relating to offensive and defamatory content, privacy and confidentiality, ownership of intellectual property and regulatory compliance. From our Employment practice, Senior Associate, Gordon Barr, examined the UAE legislative framework in terms of the remedies the law provides when employees misuse social media, and considered the approach currently undertaken by the UAE authorities in respect of the misuse of social media.

The key message of the seminar was that social media is here to stay, and that businesses would be well-advised to manage risk by developing policies to provide guidance to employees regarding their use of social media.