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Family Business

In the Middle East, family-controlled businesses dominate many key industries. Our specialist Family Business practice is the market leader in the Middle East. We deliver leading edge” advice and legal solutions to families in business, and also to investors seeking a solid and efficient platform for wealth management and preservation.

We build legal structures and put in place binding agreements which defend family assets from both external and internal risks; and we formulate and record agreements which pave the way for seamless succession and sound stewardship for families in business.

Our team can:

  • Structure your business and investments to reduce and manage legal risks and exposures.
  • Tailor-make structures which insulate your family against business disruption at times of transition.
  • Develop family agreements and trust deeds which permit clear and structured transitions to future stewardship.
  • Create frameworks for resolving issues and differences, without damaging the fabric of family life.
  • Formulate clear pathways to succession and stewardship under both Sharia and common law inheritance rules.
  • Prepare wills for non-Muslims made under the jurisdiction of the Dubai International Financial Centre; and also prepare wills for expatriate nationals effective under regional legal systems.

GCC Based Trust Structures

GCC-based family trust structures are options for families in business and for investors; and these arrangements can deliver succession, stewardship and governance solutions.

We have lawyers trained in common law jurisdictions (e.g. England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) who are specialists in trust and inheritance solutions and in structures which can serve the needs of GCC families and investors.

Private Client Needs

Our lawyers assist in all aspects of estate planning, inheritance and guardianship matters. We formulate and document private legal arrangements, such as wills and trusts, to protect family assets and stewardship for the benefit of subsequent generations.

Building a Sharia Compliant Structure

Many of our lawyers are well versed in Sharia law, so we can build a legal framework for family business in harmony with the principles of the Sharia.  We work with leading Sharia scholars so that, where appropriate, family structures and understandings can be compliant with the Sharia.

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