10 November 2020

SOS Children’s Villages

Over the years, political, social and economic instability have had a stranglehold over countries across the Middle East. With volatility and unrest, there has been immense destruction of civil, social and financial infrastructure. Like several other countries in the region, Iraq has faced a similar fate.

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq continues to plague the country with millions of families displaced, while others – especially children – have been scarred by years of violence.

As a leading law firm with a constant and visible presence in the market, Al Tamimi & Company is committed to supporting Iraq’s recovery.

In fact, we are one of the first regional companies to support the SOS Children’s Villages emergency response programme in Iraq – which helps vulnerable children and young people from internally displaced families arriving in the Khanke camp, one of more than 20 displacement camps at the edge of Dohuk, Iraq.

At the individual level, SOS strengthens the skills of children, young adults, and adults by giving them tools and techniques to cope with their traumatic experiences through the Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT) method. During the project period, SOS Children’s Villages was the only organization to adopt such a unique methodology for psychological support of children, which has proven to be very successful in a particularly difficult context – dealing with a highly traumatized population.

At the family level, SOS provides Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) to parents so that they can deal with their trauma and better care and support their children. They strengthen families economically through enrolling them in vocational training and supporting them with income-generating activity.

At the community level, SOS raises awareness of human rights and child protection and organizes anti-gender-based violence, social cohesion, and peacebuilding communication campaigns.

Through our support of SOS, we hope to not only contribute towards the economic welfare of the country, but also to give back to the wider society.

We are dedicating this project to the memory of our colleague Christina Lee.

Christina Lee worked for Al Tamimi & Company till her last day before she passed away. She was caring and loving to everyone who knew her. Christina didn’t let cancer prevent her from supporting the community. She looked at the future with optimism, which made everyone around her feel hopeful and giving.

Christina Lee left a beautiful memory among all her colleagues, friends, and clients, and it is fitting to dedicate this project in her loving memory.

To find out more about the work of SOS Children’s Villages, visit: www.sos-childrensvillages.ae

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