Published: Mar 9, 2023

Iraq is Now Listed as a Member of the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol

Last month, Iraq became listed as a member state to the Cape Town Convention (the “Convention”) it ratified back in 2018 through completing the formalities and making the declarations under Articles 39(1)(a) and 54(2) of the Convention and Article XXX (1) and (2) of the Aircraft Protocol (the “Protocol”). The Convention and the Protocol, read as a single instrument, is a treaty that sets the international standards in protecting the financial interests of aircraft sellers, buyers, and creditors through an international electronic interest registration system (the “International Registry”).

Registration of Interests in Iraqi Aircrafts in the International Registry

As Iraq deposited its instruments of accession to the Convention and Protocol on 26 January 2023, it has since been listed as a member state to the Convention. Once the Convention and Protocol enters into force on 1 May 2023, interests in Iraqi aircrafts will be available for registration on the International Registry. Such registrable interests include new and prospective international interests and rights, and assignments of the same.

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