Published: Apr 15, 2020

Bahrain Courts Adopt Electronic Filing & Notifications

Litigants and their attorneys may now undertake several actions electronically in support of court actions in the Kingdom of Bahrain following several ministerial resolutions issued by the Ministry of Justice.

In brief, the following actions may now be undertaken electronically:

  • The filing of certain Claims and Appeals;
  • The submission of memoranda in relation to such Claims and Appeals;
  • The filing of applications in relation to such Claims and Appeals, including expert appointment, witness and investigation request applications); and
  • The submission of supporting documents and translations in relation to such Claims and Appeals.

The Ministry of Justice will also now send notices to litigants and/or attorneys via SMS and email with regard to:

  • Writs (Service by Electronic means);
  • Adjourned hearing dates; and
  • Issuance of judgments.


Key Contacts:

Noor Al Rayes
Senior Associate, Litigation

Fatema Sarhan
Associate, Litigation