Outline of Key Changes Introduced on Human Resources in the Federal Government

Ali Bayaseen - Associate - Litigation

December 2016 – January 2017

  • The word “Ministry” has been replaced by the expression “Federal Authority and the word “Minister” by the expression “Head of the Federal Authority”.
  • UAE national employees shall be hired on a renewable three year fixed-term contract, with the exception of those employees on temporary and special contracts.
  • The probation period for new hires has been increased to six months and can be extended by a further three months.
  • The Decree provides that employees who join the national service shall take the balance of their leave entitlement by 31 December of the year following the year in which their service terminated or opt to receive pay for leave not taken, as specified by the implementing regulations.
  • Employees with chronic medical conditions can now apply for extended sick leave with full pay to be granted at the discretion of the medical committee.
  • Maternity leave for women employed in permanent job positions has been increased to three months with full pay.
  • The sabbatical leave entitlement is now one month.
  • Special leave to accompany a second degree relative for overseas treatment has been reduced to one month with full pay for the first fifteen days, with an option to extend for one month.
  • Special leave to accompany a first degree relative for local treatment has been reduced to one month with full pay for the first fifteen days, without an option to extend.
  • The additional leave available to employees enrolled at accredited institutes and schools is one day to sit an exam overseas and may not exceed fifteen days per year.
  • The written investigation requirement for imposing administrative penalties has been cancelled.
  • Employees that violate policy could potentially be subject to an additional penalty of demotion to a position in the next lower pay grade.
  • Gratuity is to be calculated as follows:
    • on one month’s base pay for each year of the first five years of service, using the average pay for the last   five years; and
    • on one and a half months’ base pay for each additional year, using the average pay for the last five years.