Prior to joining Al Tamimi in January 2013, Ahmed was a senior legal consultant with Middle East Survey & Control Office (MESCO), where he was acting as representative for several Protection and Indemnity clubs (P&I clubs) in Egypt.

Ahmed is an experienced bi-lingual litigator.  He is able to handle all legal procedures including preparing and reviewing commercial documents and written pleadings, as well as drafting and reviewing claim writs and memorandums.

In his work, he has acted as a representative for several Protection and Indemnity Clubs (P&I CLUB),  involved in a wide range of P&I related work along with all related services such as cargo claims handling and settlements, personal injury claims, fixed object damage claims, collision liability claims, arresting vessels, pollution liability claims, assisting marine agent enquires in all legal obstacles occurring at the ports, advising on charter party issues such as drafting, interpretation, disputes and resolutions and general legal assistance.  Ahmed prides himself by closely following up on his own cases as well as closely following other marine cases in the courts.

Ahmed also has vast experience in all aviation aspects, in particular, the claim which relate to the passenger, such as, the cancelation and delay of the flight, loss of luggage and other cargo claims.

In addition, he has been involved in numerous, mediated and litigated disputes on behalf of insurance companies, (re) insurers/underwriters and brokers, with regard further consultation on product liability, public liability, workers compensation, professional indemnity and health insurance requirements, Reviewing, advising on and amending Takaful policies in relation to various types of insurance including medical group and group family protection plans and professional indemnity. Advising global reinsurers on insurance claims, negotiating settlements and representation in litigation. In general handling all claims and advice on all aspects of the Kuwait insurance industry.

In general, he covers all phrases of litigation including trials and appeals before tribunals and first instance courts, preparing the courts documents including memoranda, evidence files, research and drafting of legal opinion in respect of Maritime, Insurance and Aviation industry.

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Recent Experience

  • Handling of incidents of vessels for many shipping lines such as APL line, PIL, A multinational German based transportation company, MESSINA line, MAERSK, MSC CMA, HANJIN, NYK and CHINA SHIPPING, etc.
  • Acting as a representative of several Protection and Indemnity Clubs (P&I Lawyer) such as UK P&I, NORTH OF ENGLAND, WEST OF ENGLAND, BRITISH MARINE, STEAM SHIP, STANDARD, SHIPOWNERS, JAPAN P&I CLUB, Rates Marine, in addition to TTCLUB and ITIC, etc.
  • Acted on one of the biggest vessels, which belonged to Messina line, that was sunk before Alexandria port in 2010, resulting in more than 400 claims of various natures, including salvage, cargo claims, personal injuries for the crew members, in addition to pollution claims.
  • Acted on behalf one of the biggest shipping lines called Ocean Container LTD, to avoid the arrest of their vessels in Egyptian Ports.
  • Acted on behalf of Heogh Auto lines for one of their vessels which was caught fire on board in Malta and left behind large numbers of cargo claims in Kuwait.
  • Representing most of Kuwaiti shipping local agents, such as Maersk Kuwait, KTS, GAC, Inchcape Shipping Services (KMMC), Al Ghanem Barwil, Mohamed Abdulrahman AlBahar, AlRashid International for Shipping, etc.
  • Acting on behalf of several aviation companies such as a major gulf-based international airline and British Airways,  in their passenger claims such as cancelation & delay of the flight, loss of luggage and all cargo claims
  • Representing One of the largest International Courier companies and UPS in their cargo claims in Kuwait.
  • Representing some other well-known clients such as, Samsung, LG, GS, and DOOSAN in different aspects, such as Recalling products, agency disputes, constrictions disputes, and long outstaying debt collections.
  • Representing Kuwait Qatar Insurance Company and AIG in their litigation matters and advices to recover their losses in respect of all kind of insurance such as, Third Party Liability Insurance, Property, Fire, Workmen Compensation, Personal Accident, Machinery, Medical and Marine Liability.
  • Representing international insurance companies such Aetna, NASCO, National Insurance Company, Life Insurance Company, National Health Insurance Company, in addition to other re-insurance company such as ARK


  • Arabic
  • English


2005 – Master of Maritime Insurance, Arab Academy For Science and Technology and Marine Transportation

2003 – Diploma of Maritime Insurance, Arab Academy For Science and Technology and Marine Transportation

2002 – Faculty of Law, Alexandria University


2010 – Egyptian High Court of Appeal

2002 – Bar in Egypt