At Al Tamimi & Company, we believe that setting ourselves high professional and ethical standards and acting responsibly in our dealings with our clients, our people and the wider community makes us a better law firm, a better employer and a better global citizen.


We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the environment through the sustainable use and disposal of scarce resources and seek to do so by managing our consumption and our supply chain.

Legal Clinics

By organizing Legal Aid Clinics, we provide assistance to those who cannot afford legal representation and are unable to access the court system. Our team of experienced lawyers volunteer for and organize these clinics alongside Government and non-Government agencies. So far, we have organized over 12 legal clinics to cover various aspects of the law. For example, in the UAE government agencies, NGO’s and semi government in the like of DMCC, DLD & DLAD will be the one to look into it.

Legal Training

The more you understand the laws of the country you live in, the more you can be successful. This is especially true for any legal profession. That is why our team of experienced lawyers spend time to help them understand it better. We have also trained students in KSA, Bahrain and the UAE to help them close the gap between academia and legal practice.

Charity Projects

At Al Tamimi & Company, we are constantly looking for ways to help, serve and support the community. And we maintain a special place in our hearts for those who live with disability. We work closely with special needs centres to provide them with the equipment they need to help students with disabilities lead a happier life.

Scholarship Program

In order to give back to the community and improve the future of ambitious students in the UAE and Palestine. We were proud to launch a scholarship program designed for students interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Law. We believe that our future law graduates will help shape the legal landscape and make an impactful change to the industry.