At Al Tamimi & Company we seek to make a positive impact on society. We do this through our pro bono programme and community work.

By donating their time, skills and expertise our colleagues make a real difference in our communities and the firm supports them every step of the way.


Pro bono programme

Our pro bono work opens the door to our legal experts. We treat all cases the same – it doesn’t matter if the work is paid or not.

Pro bono programme

Legal Aid Clinics

We regularly host Legal Aid clinics alongside Government and non-Government agencies. These clinics are for people who cannot afford legal representation or those who can’t gain access to the court system. The number of people we help and the amount of time we devote to ensuring people receive accurate and appropriate advice is growing, and we intend to build on this by continuing to work within our local community.

In the community

Our work in the community is vital to the firm and we take it as seriously as we do our client work. We believe this makes us better people, a more responsible business, a better employer and a better global citizen.

We support initiatives that focus on the wellbeing of children and their future, including:

SOS Children’s Villages

an emergency response programme in Iraq that helps vulnerable children and young people from internally displaced families arriving in the Khanke camp in Iraq. This camp is one of more than 20 displacement camps at the edge of Dohuk, and this programme seeks to make a valuable difference to the children’s lives.

Children of Tomorrow

is our initiative which raises awareness of laws governing the welfare and rights of children. This programme targets organisations that deal with children in the UAE, connecting key members and officials (such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Community Development Authority, Knowledge and Human Development Authority). We bring these key stakeholders together to address the issues and discuss the best approach to protect children from abuse.

Supporting the future

education unlocks a better future for young people, and the Al Tamimi & Company Scholarship programme does just that by providing students in need with the opportunity to pursue an educational future, without having to worry about cost. We have built a scholarship agreement with Saint Joseph University to help students who cannot afford further education to achieve the education they dream of.

Key Contacts

Ivor McGettigan

Partner, Head of Education
Ban AbdulQadir

Senior Executive Manager

Our UN Sustainable Development Goals