The CSR program at Al Tamimi & Company started in 2011, with Ban AbdulQadir and 12 other members from various departments forming the CSR committee.

Ban is responsible for developing and implementing sustainability and social impact initiatives within Al Tamimi & Company. Her role includes identifying opportunities to create positive social & environmental impact, managing stakeholder engagement, and ensuring that the CSR complies with ethical and legal standards.

Ban is the focal point of the program and has successfully managed projects and campaigns. The program focuses on pro bono legal work, community investment, and sustainability, She is responsible for managing the program, developing policies, partnerships, events, campaigns, and volunteering projects. Her management and HR experience at Al Tamimi & Company have helped her align the CSR program with the firm’s objectives.

Ban is developing and managing strategies, policies, and programs that align with the firm’s values and business goals. She works with various departments and teams to integrate sustainability into the CSR operations and services.

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1996 – Bachelors of Biomedical Engineering, Ajman University