Published: Apr 28, 2022

New Healthcare Services Law in Qatar

The Qatari Healthcare Services Law No. 22 of 2021 (the “Healthcare Services Law”) will come into force on 4 May 2022. The Healthcare Services Law was published in the Qatar Official Gazette on 4 November 2021 and is meant to reform the healthcare system and the mandatory insurance regime in Qatar. The law provides that it shall come into force six months from its publication in the Official Gazette.

The Healthcare Services Law is not only important to insurance companies, but it also includes provisions in relation to each participant including, healthcare services providers, employers, recruiters and the beneficiaries.

We outline below some of the key provisions introduced by the Healthcare Services Law:

  1. Healthcare services shall be provided to Qatar nationals at the Public Health Facilities at no cost.
  2. Health insurance is now compulsory to both expatriates and visitors of Qatar. Entry visas and residence permits will not be issued and/or renewed without providing a proof that a healthcare insurance subscription is in place.
  3. Employers shall be obliged to pay health insurance premiums against the insurance coverage for essential healthcare services to be provided to their employees and their family members that are residing in Qatar.
  4. The law identifies the responsibility of each participant, i.e. employers, beneficiaries, insurers and healthcare service providers.
  5. The law introduces a number of sanctions and financial fines for violating its provisions ranging from QAR 30,000 to QAR 500,000.

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