Published: May 2, 2023

Kuwait: Recent Updates by the Ministry of Health

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (“MOH”) issued Resolution No. 87 of 2023 concerning the controls and regulations for the medical advertising process (“Resolution 87 of 2023”). Resolution 87 of 2023 applies to any material or content of any form or type that is published with the intent of promoting health services or their prices, or any product, treatment, or medical device, whether that publication is made by practitioners, health facilities, their owners, or their managers or through third parties when this is done at the request of the above-mentioned, directly or indirectly, and whether that publication is with or without a fee. Resolution 87 of 2023 is applicable to the private sector, and does not extend to advertisements issued by the MOH or any other governmental health institution. 

In addition, the MOH issued Resolution No. 89 of 2023, which concerns the general requirements for licensing the practice of professions in the medical sector (“Resolution 89 of 2023”). Resolution 89 of 2023 applies to licenses to practice in the private medical sector and government medical sector, citing Law No. 70 of 2020 Concerning the Practice of the Medical Profession and its Auxiliary Professions and the Rights of Patients and Health Facilities. Resolution 89 of 2023 outlines the procedures for obtaining, renewing, transferring, and cancelling a license to practice medicine and its auxiliary professions in both the governmental and private sectors in Kuwait. Additionally, it provides information regarding working outside official working hours for practitioners. 

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Licenses will need to be obtained from the Health Licensing Department at the MOH prior to publishing an advertisement. Resolution 87 of 2023 also extends to advertisements on social media.

Resolution 89 of 2023 provides comprehensive procedures regarding licensing for the practice of the medical profession in Kuwait.