Published: Jan 16, 2023

Introducing the Concept of an Academic Health Center in Dubai

The Dubai Academic Health Corporation (“DAHC”) created in accordance with Law No. 13 of 2021 (the, “DAHC Establishment Law”) brings the concept of the integrated academic health center (“AHC”) to the public health institution of Dubai, and with it, significant benefits for innovation in the delivery of care.

The significance of having an Academic Health Centre in Dubai

AHCs are complex organizations characterized by their tripartite mission – to achieve high standards of clinical care, undertake clinical research and educate health professionals.

AHCs adopt a population-oriented approach to the delivery of care that requires institutions to be connected and be responsive to a range of issues such as distribution of health outcomes and health determinants.

AHCs often serve as a safety-net for providers standing at the country’s frontlines in response to public health outbreaks, natural disasters, and other crisis situations. AHCs also offer tertiary and quaternary healthcare, focusing on the most complicated and challenging diagnosis and treatments while training the upcoming generation of medical professionals.

Their work contributes to significant new insights that will increase our understanding and ability to cure diseases. Additionally, AHCs have a substantial economic influence at both the local and global levels; they employ thousands of experts and staff while frequently developing advanced medicines, machines and technology that has the potential to be greatly beneficial to global public health as a whole.

With the establishment of the DAHC, the Dubai Government has committed to the AHC care delivery model, and reaffirmed the importance of further strengthening Dubai’s healthcare services to reflect global standards of best practice and obtain the advantages of having such an academic health system based locally that would provide immediate access to the best talent in the sector located in close proximity, thereby increasing access to the best facilities and technology that seeks to further enhance Dubai’s position as a regional and global leader in terms of the standard of available facilities, research capabilities and medical innovation that further improves the emirate in its transition towards becoming a knowledge based economy.

In accordance with Article 7 of the Establishment Law, the DAHC has completed the restructure of the following healthcare facilities in accordance with the AHC-style approach by placing a medical university at the center of the strategy:

  • all DHA hospitals, primary healthcare centres, specialised care centres, medical fitness centres, and public health and occupational health centres;
  • the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences;
  • Dubai Dental Hospital;
  • Al Jalila Foundation; and
  • Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital

With the Chief Executive Office and Board members duly appointed in accordance with Dubai Executive Council Resolutions No. 30 and 36 of 2022, the Board has laid down the DAHC’s primary objectives which set the working framework and completed the restructuring of the assets within the prescribed transition period.

So, what next for the DAHC? We look forward to further announcements in 2023 when the DAHC is expected to make significant advances in boosting the delivery of healthcare, knowledge, innovation and research through foreign collaborations, including amongst other things, a new grant cycle for cancer research.

How can we help?

For further information about developments regarding the Dubai Academic Health Corporation, feel free to reach out to our Healthcare & Life Sciences department team members Andrea Tithecott or Christina Sochacki.

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