Welcome to the 2020 Financial Crime Edition

Essam Al Tamimi - Chairman - Private Client Services / Arbitration / Litigation / Family Business

Khalid Al Hamrani - Partner, Head of Financial Crime - Financial Crime / Family Business

Ibtissem Lassoued - Partner, Head of Advisory - Financial Crime / Family Business

Faced with unprecedented challenges in the current climate, we have witnessed leaders of our nation become bastions of resilience and positivity for the entire UAE nation. Messages of perseverance, ambition and consideration speak to the power of our national pride and strength in our country, and have resonated with members of the community, including myself. If there is one lesson we have learned from these times, it is that we need to be close to our families and friends to keep us strong, and to our colleagues, our community and Clients to keep us positive.

The motivation behind this special regional Financial Crime edition of the Law Update was to rise to the occasion to provide support to one industry amongst too many that have unfortunately been particularly afflicted by the impacts of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The art scene in the UAE is a flourishing example of the diversity and creativity that underpins the success of our country, and plays an important role in advancing our cultural expression. Our collaboration with an emerging UAE-based art initiative in this issue shows the diversity of talent and perspectives that are drawn to our country and provides them with a platform to show their work during this difficult time.

I believe that, in the long term, we can forge some sort of silver lining from the challenges we are all facing and return to the optimistic and ambitious trail that the UAE has blazed for decades. We are determined to remain and will come back stronger. We have faith in our community and the good people of the world who have assisted and taken leadership in fighting this pandemic. Al Tamimi & Company continues to support communities across the Middle East and is committed to adapting to the new normal; finding new ways to revamp old practices and moving forward with positive change.

I hope you enjoy this special Financial Crime edition.

Essam Al Tamimi, Chairman


This year’s special regional Financial Crime Edition of Law Update is a first for the firm as we have embarked on a collaborative approach with Emerging Scene in the UAE to produce a novel creative concept to cast a spotlight on a local art initiative. Emerging Scene, founded and curated by Rebia Naim, is a Dubai-based outfit that seeks out up and coming artistic talent and elevates their exposure through innovative digital mediums and platforms.

In line with the ways in which all professional industries are having to adapt to a metamorphic work environment, responding to the various pressures that have been applied by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this edition has been produced with the future in mind. Optimised for projecting the exciting creativity of new artists to people working remotely, our special edition matches articles covering an array of relevant financial crime topics to curated artworks provided by Emerging Scene. From developing practices in global investigations, and perpetual Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) reform in Middle Eastern jurisdictions, to reinforced anti-corruption legislation and prosecution approaches, we hope that this publication will provide an insight into the darkly capricious risk landscape of financial crime contrasted by a vibrant visual representation of the UAE’s art scene. For any queries on any of the topics included in the issue, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

We would also like to thank Rebia Naim and all of the curated artists of Emerging Scene who have contributed their work to our special edition: Simona Jachimecova, Lauris Zailaa’, Tehos, Oliver Schibli, Yana Rusnak, Mozhdeh Zandieh-Grayson, Myneandyours, Yulia Verigina and Nathaniel Alapide. Information on the artists can be accessed directly from each article.


Khalid Al Hamrani, Partner, Head of Financial Crime and Ibtissem Lassoued, Partner, Head of Advisory, Financial Crime



Lauris Zailaa' BioArtwork

Lauris Zailaa’

ONELOVE, El Hayat 003

Digital Creation and Illustration

120 x 120 cm


Curated by Rebia Naim @EmergingScene