Trademark Registration in Jordan; The General Class Heading as Description of Goods is No Longer Acceptable

Mohammed Ali - Senior Associate - Intellectual Property

In this decree, it was announced that the use of class headings as the list of goods in trademark applications will no longer be an acceptable practice.  As per the Decree, all new trademark applications should include the specific list of goods and/or services, and from the date of the decree onwards, applications with description of goods as general class heading is not acceptable. 

Based on the Decree, the Registrar of Trademark, during the examination phase, will refuse an application with the list of goods as class heading because each of the goods and/or services in the list should be specified clearly to remove any ambiguity regarding the identity of the goods/services.

This new practice will be enforced immediately, and it will also affect all pending trademark applications that are due for examination.

It is thus required to amend all trademark applications that are pending examination with the list of goods as class heading to comply with the directions in the above Decree.  However, the trademarks that are accepted and published will not be affected by the Decree.

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