Improving the Quality of Life – The future of United Arab Emirates

Essam Al Tamimi - Chairman - Private Client Services / Arbitration / Litigation / Family Business

November 2014

In 1971, when the country was founded, few people would have believed that the UAE would look the way it now does. Oil had only just begun contributing to the UAE economy, which had previously been dependent on fishing and the pearl industry. At this time the UAE had hardly any economic strength, however it did have determination and strong leadership. Since then, the UAE has emerged as the most stable and secure country in the Middle Eastern region, attracting foreign investment and human talent.

The UAE government has long recognized the importance of investing and having a firm strategy for improving its citizen’s welfare through education, healthcare, security and training.  This, together with the UAE leadership’s determination to make the UAE an active member of the international community, has enabled the UAE to enjoy prosperity, growth and friendly relationships with almost the entire world.

A simple review of the progress of the UAE over the past 43 years, including the huge investment currently taking place, shows how much attention the UAE has given to improving the quality of life in the country, and the fact that the government recognises the need to constantly improve and progress public services to create a better UAE. The UAE has made tremendous efforts in establishing and investing in schools, hospitals, transport, training of the judicial system, separation of powers, training across public and private sectors, and zero tolerance on corruption, crime, and terrorism. This has not only improved the quality of life in the UAE and created a new well-educated, well-trained generation, but it has also made the UAE one of the safest and most desirable countries to live in amongst the region and internationally. Most importantly perhaps, the trust and stability that the UAE has within its government and leadership provides the local and international community with confidence in the country’s long-term future and its ability to deliver on its ever more ambitious plans. The UAE’s current leadership provides a wonderful formula for future growth.

The UAE has succeeded where unfortunately others have failed, in investing in the creation and the existence of a well-rounded and functioning human society. It has done this by recognizing that it is important to invest in the basics to establish the fundamentals of any society. Having recognized the importance of investing in its people from day one, the UAE has consistently and gradually increased investment throughout its 43 years, creating the UAE we know today.  These principles are not new or alien to other peoples. They are principles that contributed to the success and growth of old or modern societies, and formed a fundamental part of the Islamic religion. However wherever in the world you look, it is recognised that security, education, health, training, rule of law, are needs of any society. Fortunately the UAE, through its inspired leaders, has been able to implement these principles and achieve more than anyone could have imagined 43 years ago. The determination of the current government will allow the UAE to continue advancing and leading the region for many more years to come.