October 30, 2019

Al Tamimi & Company Bahrain 5th Anniversary – FinTech in Focus

To coincide with our 5th anniversary of operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we recently hosted a panel discussion with thought leaders on the country’s growing position as a regional FinTech hub.

Experts spoke about the measures Bahrain has taken to develop a thriving FinTech ecosystem, including enacting new laws and regulations, establishing the region’s largest FinTech incubator ‘Bahrain FinTech Bay’, and introducing initiatives to support startups.

They agreed that one big success story is needed to encourage even greater movement from funders and investors. But education is key, and at Al Tamimi & Company, we are already making efforts to improve our knowledge and partner with educational institutions to help train the future workforce of the region.

Read more on our Bahrain 5th anniversary event here.

We would like to say thank you to our panel of experts for helping us celebrate our 5th anniversary in Bahrain.


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