Omar Khodeir is a qualified lawyer in Egypt and obtained his LL.M Degree from Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Indiana University.

Omar advises and represents our clients in civil and commercial matters before all levels of UAE civil courts, including the summary, local and federal courts. This include agencies’ disputes between principals and agents; breach of contract, claims under loan agreements or for outstanding dues.

Omar also has significant experience in criminal matters. This includes cybercrimes committed through use of technology, fraud, breach of trust, insults and defamation, threats, bribery, bounced cheques, embezzlement of public funds, disclosure of secrets, theft, possessing and being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, sexual assaults and others. He also has an extensive experience in work related to:

  • Process of the UAE’s Police’s Criminal Investigation Department, Crime Scene Investigation Department, and Forensics related to forgery or identifying the details of the offenders.
  • Process of interrogating suspects, questioning of witnesses and determining the appropriate criminal liability;
  • Conflict of jurisdiction, indictment orders issued by the Public Prosecution Office and the criminal procedures procedures of cases before the Police, Prosecution and Criminal Courts.

Omar works closely with other Al Tamimi departments on litigation aspects that cross with our other specialized departments including Employment, Arbitration, Real-Estate, TMT, Financial Crimes, and IP.

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Thought Leadership

Memberships, CSR, Presentations & Trainings

  • Omar is part of Al Tamimi’s Children of Tomorrow CSR initiative, which provides guidance and practical advice to teachers in relation to the topic of child safety.
  • He was a Regional Representative of LCIA-YIAG in the Middle East for a three years term and is still a Member of the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF).
  • He was a moderator and organizer on behalf of LCIA-YIAG for the MENA Young Arbitrators Conference held in Dubai on Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge.
  • He presented a mock trial for a criminal case in the Health, Safety & Security Dubai forum.
  • Omar provided legal trainings to the staff members of the firm’s client such as Majid Al Futtaim and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.
  • He spoke in eight radio shows at Pearl FM – Al Jalila Cultural Center for Children to discuss the new UAE law safeguarding rights of children.
  • He also spoke at the New York University in Abu Dhabi to provide an overview on the UAE’s legal system.

Recent Experience

Criminal Litigation:

  • Advising and representing clients in cybercrimes matters; including defamation and insults of public officials, private or public companies and individuals, threats/blackmail, disclosure of confidential information, fraud, physical assaults, recording audio and visual materials; and other crimes committed through use of technology (e.g. email correspondence, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc… and other applications such as WhatsApp)
  • Takedown of websites and YouTube videos that were fraudulently created to impersonate or defame the firm’s clients.
  • Advising and representing a renowned international company in a case involving public officials and embezzlement of public funds worth AED 113,000,000.
  • Advising and representing clients on State Security criminal cases involving possession and entry of weapons to the UAE without a permit; (Please see Law Update Article on the firm’s website – August 2015).
  • Advising and representing clients in criminal proceedings involving fraud, theft, breach of trust or commercial fraud, causing injuries;
  • Advising firm’s client on insults committed against a country, its symbols, flag, emblem and national anthem. (Comparative view showing the approach in 10 different eastern and western countries).
  • Advising a leading foreign university in Abu Dhabi on the common offences in the UAE. (Advice included a table of 80 conducts that are penalized under different UAE legislations, along with their range of penalties supported by previous judgments showing the actual penalties applied in practice).
  • Representations in bounced cheque cases;
  • Advising leading companies on sensitive matters involving attempted suicide committed and possible impact on other who fail to report.

Corporate Litigation

  • Representing the firm’s client in 4 simultaneous claims in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in relation to an agency dispute between the principal and the distributor and 5 other distributors;
  • Advising and representing an investment company in a sensitive shareholders’ dispute before Dubai Courts;
  • Advising clients on commercial fraud and possible civil avenues to pursue against the party in breach
  • Advising and representing clients in labor disputes;
  • Advising and representing an investment company in a banking dispute relating to breach of a loan agreement;
  • Representing firm’s clients in civil claims for outstanding dues;
  • Advising a renowned hospitality private holding company in Dubai on breaches under the Companies Law and Regulations of SCA.
  • Advising on a dispute relating to breach of SPAs in relation to handover of real-estate units;
  • Successfully obtaining a precautionary attachment before Dubai Courts in favor of a US Company and enforcing a DIFC judgment onshore;
  • Successfully obtaining a payment order decision in favor of the firm’s client and executing the same against the debtor;
  • Representing client before Dubai Court in a specific performance request against a warehouse in JAFZA;
  • Representing a governmental hospitality company and leading real-estate companies in different arbitration proceedings for breach of contract.
  • Advising and representing leading UAE Governmental companies and hospitality companies before the courts to successfully annul an arbitration award previously issued against it for breach of contract, in different arbitration proceedings;
  • Advising an international company specialized in providing online news and social networking services. A confidential project requiring full review around the clock of news prior to being published to avoid any potential claims. (Please see Law Update Article on the firm’s website – June/July 2017).
  • Advising a prominent real estate company on an arbitration award worth AED 100,000,000 and drafting a settlement agreement to comply with the award’s dispositions relating to breach of contract.
  • Representing client in a hospitality dispute involving the removal of a well-known trademark from a hotel’s facade (Please see Law Update Article on the firm’s website – June 2016).


  • Arabic
  • English


2009 – LL.M., Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Indiana University

2007 – L.L.B., Cairo University


2008 – Egyptian Bar Association