Khalid has 4 years of experience at the ministry of labor and 5 years at Al Tamimi, Khalid has expanded knowledge in commercial, civil, maritime, and criminal laws.

Khalid has gained more experience in attending court hearings and meetings with prosecutors and judges. He has also gained knowledge about other clerk sections of courts. He has also met managers and heads of courts and public prosecution, and police. He has also developed knowledge and relationships while meeting governmental agencies (i.e. free zone, ministry of labour, immigration, economic dept, police, real estate registration dept ,central prison , etc…) to retrieve license information of different parties.

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Recent Experience

  • FAL OIL, made important decisions and judgment in SHJ & Fuji
  • Khalid has many ships attachments in SHJ & Fuji
  • Rakia ,made important decisions and judgment in RAK court & public prosecution
  • Rakeen, followed the case in public prosecution .
  • Khalid has followed sheikh Abdulla al Thani cases.
  • Refractory Construction, has an excellent judgment in RAK
  • Khalid is Following and attending sheikh Abdulla al mullah cases
  • Khlalid has many important & privet documents by my own way and relations from many Government departments
  • Investigation statement from the police regarding our various client.


  • Arabic
  • English


2015 – MBA on Strategic Management & Leadership, Skyline University

2006 – Bachelor of Law, Sharjah University