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  • Doing Business In The Mainland Of Dubai Through A Free Zone Entity

    by Sherif Rahman  - 

    In Dubai, all economic activities conducted outside the free zone areas are regulated by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (“DED”).

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  • Dispute Resolution In Al Tamimi & Company

    Litigation : Al Tamimi & Company boasts the largest, strongest and broadest dispute resolution practice in the Middle East.

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  • Shipping Judgment: Damages Claim For Cargo Shipped From Chinese Ports To Zayed

    by Siri Hashem - 

    This case is relates to the claim for damages in relation to the delivery of Cargo shipped in containers from Chinese ports to Zayed Port via Sea passage.

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  • Dubai : The Global Financial Crisis And The Principle Of Exceptional Circumstances

    by Ahmed Allouz & Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    In binding contracts, the general principal is that unilateral modification of contractual terms is not permitted. However, the UAE legislator, for requirements necessitated by justice, has made an...

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  • Companies And Corporate Governance - In - Depth Analysis

    by Ahmed Hamad  - 

    Following our previous articles on Companies and Corporate Governance, we set out in this article a detailed analysis for the process for nomination and election of the board of directors of a public...

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  • NASDAQ Dubai Introduces New Business Rules

    by Izabella Szadkowska  - 

    This article provides a general overview of NASDAQ Dubai’s new admission to trading (“Admission“) requirements and process.

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  • Nortarization Of A Pledge Contract And Date Proofing / Stamping An Assignment Agreement Under Kuwait Law

    by Wassim Sassia  - 

    Notarization of a pledge contract: Kuwaiti law allows for the execution of a private agreement such as a pledge contract to be made between, a debtor/pledgor and creditor/pledgee.

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  • Can We Really Limit Liability?

    by Faisal Attia  - 

    Introduction: Limitation of liability (LOL) clauses are commonly used in construction related contracts in the UAE and indeed in most parts of the world.

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  • New SCA Securities Regulations

    by Divya Abrol Gambhir  - 

    The Securities and Commodities Authority (“SCA”) issued new fund regulations (which came into effect on August 26, 2012) and pursuant to which the SCA has taken over the regulation of domestic and...

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  • Technology Contracts: Exercise Care In Choosing A Governing Law

    by David Yates  - 

    From time to time we act for foreign corporations who are looking to supply technology solutions to customers the UAE and who wish to do so using their "standard" technology supply contracts.

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  • New Approach To Seize Containers Through Court Orders

    by Omar Obeidat  - 

    In the UAE, counterfeit goods at the Customs are stopped by an administrative complaint directly with the Customs Department.

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  • Lebanon adopted 10th edition of the nice classification

    by Mohammed Ali  - 

    Lebanon has decided to adopt the Tenth Edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services for the purposes of the registration of Trademark under the Nice Agreement (Nice...

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  • Doctrines In Support Of Jurisdiction: An Overview

    by Claire Clutterham  - 

    In the UAE, arbitration is regarded as an exceptional and special dispute forum through which parties agree to resolve their disputes.

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  • Opting Out Of The Exclusive Jurisdiction Of The DIFC Courts

    by Tarek Shrayh  - 

    As is now widely known by lawyers and the business community in Dubai and beyond, Article 5(A)(2) of Dubai Law No.12 of 2004 as amended (the Judicial Authority Law) permits contracting parties to...

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  • New Conciliation Rules Promulgated in Qatar

    by Seem Maleh  - 

    Parties to major international contracts, particularly within the construction industry, are increasingly opting to utilise conciliation in the hope of achieving early settlement of disputes arising...

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  • Mediation in Jordan

    by Alaa Al Bataineh  - 

    Mediation as a social phenomenon is a highly entrenched practice in Jordanian society. This stems from Jordan’s strong tribal roots which place high importance on the role of tribal leaders in...

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  • The UAE Courts Approach With Respect To Upholding Arbitration Awards

    by Suzanne Abdallah  - 

    Claim: A commercial action was filed by a local company (“the Claimant”) before the Abu Dhabi Court against a Hotel operating company in the UAE (“the Defendant”).

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  • Dubai: Challenging The Appointment Of An Arbitrator

    by Suzanne Abdallah & Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    Summary of facts: The Claimant filed an action before the Dubai Court of First Instance against two Companies (collectively known as “the Respondent”).

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