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  • Importation of Unregistered Drugs in the UAE

    by Ahmad Zaza  - 

    The importation of drugs in the UAE is governed by the provisions of Federal Law No. 4 of 1983 concerning the profession of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical institutions (“Pharmacy Law”).

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  • Qatari Court of Cassation- What constitutes a commercial agency under Qatari Law

    by Roy Georgiades  - 

    Summary of Principle: The Qatari Commercial Agency Law (Law 8 of 2002) regulates and governs the appointment of commercial agents in Qatar.

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  • Seizure of counterfeit branded cigars imported in air freight.

    by Munir Suboh  - 

    Al Tamimi’s Intellectual property practice at Dubai customs has added another success to their portfolio in the area of anti-counterfeit border measures and fighting the illicit trade.

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  • Abu Dhabi: Claims for misrepresentation and advice after the collapse of the Lehman Brothers

    by El-Ameir Noor / Zane Anani  -  /

    Al Tamimi’s Litigation team successfully defended a major UAE bank in a recent claim which arose out of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.

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  • Al Tamimi Patent & Design team Partners with Abu Dhabi’s TAKAMUL program

    by Stephen Jiew  - 

    The Abu Dhabi government has launched its TAKAMUL program, which demonstrates its commitment to realising its vision of a knowledge based economy by facilitating the building of a best-in-class...

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  • Qatar Court of Cassation Judgment- liability of managers in a Qatari limited liability company

    by Ahmed El Amoury  - 

    Summary of principle: The managers of a limited liability company shall be personally and jointly liable for the company’s liabilities if they omit to state in a contract and communication of the...

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  • Data protection and privacy in mobile and online environments Guidelines for international best practice

    by David Yates  - 

    Two separate guidelines have recently been issued in relation to matters of data protection and privacy in the mobile and online environments.

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  • Going global? Think Local

    by Anita Siassios  - 

    Digital advertising campaigns in the UAE

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  • An overview of capital reductions in Kuwait

    by Hamzah Al Shammaa - 

    The global economic climate over the past several years has been tumultuous for many financial institutions, forcing organizations to make difficult decisions to remain competitive in times of...

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  • Qatar boosts foreign investment application machinery

    by Ahmad Al Jaafir  - 

    In the context of Qatar continuous efforts to promote foreign investment and bringing expertise in view of Qatar national vision 2030.

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  • Commercial Agencies Law – Exempted Products List Grows

    by Marcus Wallman - 

    The UAE Commercial Agencies Law (“Law”) is often regarded as the reason why consumers pay higher prices for certain goods in the UAE than in other parts of the world.

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  • Deregistration of Companies in the Jebel Ali Free Zone

    by Andrew Sleiman  - 

    Whilst the Jebel Ali Free Zone (“JAFZ”) in Dubai is probably the most successful free zone in the Emirate of Dubai,

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  • Risky Business

    by Khalid Bashir  - 

    Rating companies play an important role in advising investors on whether companies and countries can meet their debts and obligations.

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  • Bills of lading in the modern shipping environment: Problems and solutions

    by Saif Al Mobideen  - 

    For a long time, the bill of lading (“BOL”) has been the crucial document in international trade and the sale of goods by sea. Payment for a commodity under a BOL occurs at the time of entering into...

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  • TANMIA: A new Initiative by Dubai Land Department

    by Mohammed Kawasmi  - 

    The Dubai Land Department has taken another strategic step toward supporting the real estate market of Dubai, by establishing a new centre called the “Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management...

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  • A new decree establishing a special judicial committee for Real Estate and Rental Disputes in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

    by Mohammad Kawasmi  - 

    His Highness Sheikh Saoud bin Sakr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, has issued Amiri Decree No. 2 of 2012 on the formation of a special judicial committee for real estate and rental...

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  • Shedding light on renewable energy in Jordan

    by Zeinah Al Nabih  - 

    Jordan is heavily reliant on imported energy, which accounts for more than 90% of energy needs.

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  • Qatar: Set to attract foreign direct investments through PPP initiatives

    by Sharifah Hamzah - 

    PPP is the current buzzword in Qatar. Demystifying the PPP : It is the acronym for Public Private Partnership.

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  • Kuwait Court of Cassation Judgment- Termination of a renewable commercial agency agreement

    by Ossama Ghazy  - 

    SUMMARY OF DISPUTE: The Claimant, a tourism company (and Agent) filed a claim against the Principal, (the Defendant), requesting the court to appoint an expert in order to confirm that the Claimant...

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