We believe that Egypt will move into new frontiers that we are keen to be part of and support being the largest and one of the fastest growing law firms in the Middle East.

Our confidence in Egypt’s future is based on numerous factors, including the projects that have been completed over the past two years. Furthermore, a number of international credit rating agencies have taken a favourable view of Egypt’s economic outlook in parallel to the significant investment appetite internationally. Another factor well noted is capital injected from the GCC, particularly the United Arab Emirates; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain, all countries where Al Tamimi & Company have a strong presence. Our Egypt practice* is well positioned to assist in meeting the legal needs derived from this potential, and to being part of the ambitions to restore Egypt’s economic competitiveness by assisting the gradual structural reforms necessary to deliver this economic potential.

We will support the development of all initiatives undertaken in the “New Egypt” by providing a new age of legal services addressing the developing needs of Egypt. Our strategy will focus on supporting Egypt’s needs for building and maintaining sustainable economic growth using the capabilities of its population, of which youth and women represent the majority. We see major opportunities in numerous fields including governance, mega infrastructure projects including the Suez Canal development projects, free and economic zones, PPP projects, capital markets, banking and finance, hospitality, industrial, sports, media, tax law, and dispute settlement.

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