Published: Jul 10, 2019

UAE Reduces the official fees for trademark registration

In a very much positive and long awaited step, the UAE Ministry of Economy has just reduced the trademark registration fees. According to Ministerial Decree No. (51) of 2019 with respect to the fees of the Ministry’s Services (“Decree”), the reduction of the fees is mainly for the registration fees, which has been reduced up to 33% of the current registration fees (AED 6,700 instead of AED 10,000). The reduction does not affect the filing or the publication fees which will remain the same.

Accordingly the new official fees for filing a trademark up until registration and the renewal would be:

Service AED ≈USD
Filing 1,000 272
Publication 1,300 356
Registration 6,700 1,824


The new registration fees are already implemented and effective as of July 7, 2019.

The UAE has the world highest official fees for trademark registration; hence, the Ministry’s step to reduce the fees is very welcomed and in line with the UAE government decision on fee abolition to positively impact the economy that was issued in May 2019.

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Omar Obeidat
Partner, Head of Intellectual Property

Rasha Al Ardah
Senior Associate, Intellectual Property