Published: Aug 10, 2023

UAE Government Announces the Issuance of New Federal Health Regulations

As of the 8th of August 2023, the UAE Government has announced the issuance of new regulations governing the practice of healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities and veterinary facilities.

According to official news sources, here are some key highlights from the announcement:

  • Stricter Licensing Requirements for HCPs: Stricter licensing requirements for all healthcare professionals (HCPs) working in allied healthcare professions such as nursing, medical physics, functional therapy, physiotherapy, aesthetics, anasthesia, audiology, radiology etc. who are all now mandatorily required to obtain or meet the minimum requirements for a professional licence, such as having a relevant bachelor’s degree or a minimum health professional qualification in order to be licenced in the UAE.
  • Establishment of a National Medical Register: Establish a ‘National Medical Register’ which requires all HCPs including physicians, pharmacists and allied professionals to mandatorily register onto. The register will be maintained by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention in coordination with local emirate level health authorities.
  • New Code of Ethics for HCPs: Establish a new code of ethics for HCPs to comply with and includes provisions that prohibit HCPs from promoting medicines or samples to patients or from directing them to purchase medicines from a particular pharmacy. The code also includes general provisions of good conduct and performance in accordance with generally accepted principles and technical standards prevalent in the country.
  • New Veterinary Sector Rules: Create a National Veterinary Register for all veterinary surgeons, practitioners and their assistants and also provides for full foreign ownership for foreign investors and entrepreneurs seeking to establish and own veterinary facilities in the UAE.

All of the above statements are from official announcements obtained from official news sources, we will provide further updates once the laws have been issued in the official gazette.

For further updates regarding the latest developments in the UAE health sector, please contact Andrea Tithecott or Raesa Afzal.

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