Published: Sep 26, 2016

The Deals Climate in the Middle East – Opportunities for Foreign Investment

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Al Tamimi & Company is pleased to present a series of short videos which examine the business climate for doing deals and opportunities for foreign investment in the Middle East and North Africa. Our senior Corporate Commercial advisors provide their insights on topics of most interest to clients doing business in the region and their views on why the Middle East represents a compelling investment destination.

Watch the series here or skip straight to the interviews of most interest to you:

1.  The effect of the recent oil price slide on the business environment in MENA
2.  The kind of transactions that have become more prevalent as a result of the oil price slide
3.  The effect of the oil price slide on Egypt
4.  Significant recent corporate transactions in the Middle East
5.  The effect of the economic environment on investment in the Middle East
6.  The sectors proving most popular and where the best value lies for investment
7.  The most attractive countries in the MENA region for foreign investment
8.  Free zones and foreign investment
9.  The loosening on Iran and the effect on the Middle East business landscape
10.  Why the Middle East represents a compelling investment destination


Key Contacts


Foutoun Hajjar

Raj Pahuja


Ayman Nour



Hamid Mojtahedi



Mohammed Norri



Khaled Saqqaf



Philip Kotsis

Alex Saleh


Ahmed Al Barwani



Frank Lucente


Saudi Arabia

Grahame Nelson

Hesham Al Homoud


Gary Watts

Samer Qudah

Izabella Szadkowska