Published: Jul 31, 2014

Record breaking volume of counterfeit good seized

In August, the Intellectual Property department’s enforcement team set new records as they successfully conducted two raids on the same day for two different brand owners.  The raids’ success established an important precedence not only in the UAE but also in the region. With the help of the Dubai Police and Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Al Tamimi & Company’s enforcement team acting on behalf of one of the largest technology companies were able to seize 7000 counterfeit smart phones and relevant components. Simultaneously on the same day, the team acted on behalf of one of the largest and most well known manufacturing company for metal detectors and machines to pursue a major wholesaler that supplies counterfeit products to local and regional markets for gold, metal detection machines and accessories. The raid resulted in the confiscation of goods with an estimated value of USD 10,000,000 and listed as one of the largest raids to have taken place in the region in terms of volume and confiscated value.

On behalf of Al Tamimi & Company, Partner and Regional Head of Intellectual Property Omar Obeidat would like to thank the Dubai Police and CID for their continued hard work and support and would also like to congratulate Munir Suboh, Rasha Al Ardah, Ahmad Zaza and Bassam Al Azzeh of the IP enforcement team for their continued dedication and hard work.