Published: Nov 21, 2023

New Decision on Occupational Health and Safety and Labour Accommodations

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (“MOHRE”) introduced Administrative Decision No 19 of 2023 Relating to Occupational Safety and Health and Labour Accommodations (the “Decision”).

The Decision sets out the rules and obligations for occupational safety and health (“OSH”) and labour housing for employers and workers. It covers various aspects of OSH and labour housing, such as:

  • The requirements for developing and maintaining an OSH program and record keeping system by employers.
  • The working conditions and employer obligations for indoor and outdoor workplaces, such as lighting, ventilation, noise, heat, stairs, ladders, fires, equipment, hazardous substances, cranes, hoists, excavation, demolition, construction, and workplace facilities.
  • The obligations of employers to provide personal protective equipment, health care, medical examinations, first aid, and safe transportation to their workers.
  • The obligations of workers to comply with OSH rules and regulations, report and avoid risks, use and maintain protective equipment, attend training, and protect the establishment’s assets.
  • The appointment and responsibilities of an OSH officer for industrial and construction sectors, who is in charge of planning, implementing, supervising, documenting, and enhancing OSH activities and policies.
  • The prohibition of work during the midday in the summer, except for some exempted works that require technical reasons and additional precautions.
  • The registration and management of labour housing with MOHRE approved systems, and the compliance with the requirements and controls of the MOHRE and the relevant authorities for labour housing.

The Decision aims to protect the workers from hazards and occupational diseases, preserve the properties of the establishments, and ensure the public interest. It repeals the previous administrative decision No. (28) of 2022 and takes effect upon publication in the Official Gazette. It also requires all official bodies and authorities to implement its provisions within their respective fields of jurisdiction.

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