Published: Sep 3, 2020

Lawsuits Against Healthcare Organisations Suspended in Dubai

Healthcare facilities, laboratories and other institutions operating in the Dubai healthcare sector will be pleased to note the issuance of Decision No. 17 of 2020 (amending the previous Decision 21/8 of 2020) (the “Decision”) that will further suspend any legal proceedings issued against certain named entities for a period of six months.


The Decision reads as follows:

The Decision applies to companies and institutions operating in the health sector and their subsidiary companies that provide services to treat people infected with Coronavirus, that have been identified by the Ministry of Health and Prevention as falling under the remit of the Decision.

The Decision confirms the:

  1. postponement of lawsuits, requests, complaints, appeals, pleadings, and actions filed against the named health companies and institutions listed in the annexures to the Decision.
  2. postponement of the adjudication of all lawsuits, requests, appeals, and execution issues reserved for the judgment related to the named companies.
  3. lifting, cancelation and cessation of any precautionary and executive seizure procedures that have been issued since 01/01/2020 on movables, real estate, bank accounts, cars, stocks, bonds, commercial licenses and other funds that could be seized.

This Decision shall take effect from the date of its issuance and for a period of six months. The date of issuance will commence from the date that the Decision is published in the Official Gazette. We expect this to be within the next 28 days.


For any questions, please contact our Healthcare Sector lead:

Andrea Tithecott
Partner, Head of Regulatory, Head of Healthcare