Published: Oct 8, 2019

GCC nationals may open clinics in Kuwait – says Kuwait Court

In 2016, a Saudi national holding a PhD. in laboratory medicine filed an application with the Kuwaiti Medical Licensing Department for a license to open a private medical centre in Kuwait. His application was denied on the basis that he did not meet the condition that the license applicant be a Kuwaiti doctor, as set out under a Ministerial Decision that sets out the requirements and conditions for healthcare facilities.

The Saudi national argued to the courts that the ministerial decision was contrary to Kuwaiti law and the relevant GCC agreements that provide for equality of treatment for GCC citizens, without distinction or discrimination, in several fields, including work in private and government jobs, engagement in professions and crafts and engagement in economic, investment and service activities. The Kuwait Court of Cassation agreed that domestic laws restricting the practice of certain professions, such as medicine, to their own citizens, excluding other GCC nationals, must be disregarded.

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Key Contacts:

Christina Sochacki
Senior Associate, Healthcare

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Partner, Co-Head of Office – Kuwait, Corporate Commercial