Published: Feb 15, 2015

Al Tamimi & Company to provide Private Notary Services to clients across Dubai

Al Tamimi & Company, the largest law firm in the Middle East, will be one of the first firms in the UAE to offer Private Notary Services, following a decree issued towards the end of last year.

Under the new law, the Dubai Government has named Al Tamimi a Private Notary, and granted the firm with jurisdiction to notarise documents including Memorandums of Association of L.L.C., Memorandums of Association of civil work company, agreements of the appointment of local service agents, job offers, endorsement of signatures, declarations of residency and unemployment, the power of attorney for trademarks and the special power of attorney for tenancy disputes.

Previously, only designated public officials located in government buildings across Dubai could notarise documents for official purposes, however, designated UAE lawyers may now provide public service to the community in Dubai.

The Private Notary service is one of Dubai’s latest initiatives to privatize certain sectors to make the provision of services more convenient for citizens, in recognition of Dubai’s growing population. In line with the Government’s Smart City initiatives, these services will also be processed electronically through a website linked to the Dubai Court.

Mr. Essam Al Tamimi, Senior Partner at Al Tamimi will be the Head of the firm’s Private Notary Office, assisted by UAE national lawyers Taiba Al Safar, Senior Associate, and Fatma Mussa, Associate.

Commenting, Essam Al Tamimi said:

 “As a firm, we pride ourselves on our deeply-rooted experience and knowledge, and provide excellent service to our clients. The introduction of Private Notary Services will provide easy and efficient solutions to process transactions for the business sector in Dubai, and procedures will be completed in an accurate and efficient manner. The new law is testament to the commitment from the Government to ensure the provision of efficient services, and we continue to look at ways we can build upon the services we provide to our clients and the wider community.”