Published: May 1, 2018

Al Tamimi & Company supports a long-term approach to helping children in Iraq

Al Tamimi and Company is one of the first companies in the UAE to support the SOS Children’s Villages emergency response programme in Iraq – which helps vulnerable children and young people from internally displaced families arriving in Khanke camp, one of more than 20 displacement camps at the edge of Dohuk, Iraq.

The primary task of the emergency programme is to help children and young people come to terms with their trauma, but it also provides livelihood assistance and rights advocacy to those in and around the Khanke camp.

As a leading law firm with a constant and visible presence in the market, we are proud to be committed to rebuilding the core fibres of Iraq’s society. Through our work with SOS Children’s Villages, we were recently able to support the launch of an emergency relief programme in Iraq. As more and more businesses continue to look towards Iraq as a dynamic market filled with extensive potential, companies must also recognise the importance of investing in both the physical and social infrastructure.

The partnership between SOS Children’s Villages and Al Tamimi & Company provides resources to support the future of children in Iraq, providing an example of how we can change children’s lives by working together.

To find out more about the work of SOS Children’s Villages, visit: