We are proud to present My Tamimi App, a convenient new tool for anyone with an interest in the legal sector, from law students to General Counsel.

Access a vast database of up-to-date insights and analysis of the latest legal developments in the Middle East. Browse content by topic, author or year and receive notifications when new content is published. Personalize your experience by signing up and creating your own reading library.

Book an appointment with us, or search the directory to find the right lawyer for you directly through the app.

My Tamimi App offers a bespoke experience for our clients. Connect with your lawyer, view details of your currents matters and manage invoice information, easily and securely.

Download My Tamimi App now to get started.

Available on iOS and Android.

My Tamimi App – Keeping you connected


My Matters

Connect with your lawyer, view details of current matters and manage your invoice information, easily and securely.


My Library

Create your own personal library of the topics you are interested in from our selection of articles, videos, news items and blog posts.


My Calendar

Keep track of all your upcoming events.


View Insights

Access a vast database of up to date insights and analysis on the latest developments in the legal industry in the GCC, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan.



Connect with our team and have your queries answered in real time.



How-to guide

  1. Download My Tamimi App from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Start by signing up and creating your own profile, sign in as an employee, or continue as a guest to browse the different features that will be available to you as a subscribed user.
  3. Fill out the subscribe form with your information and areas of interest.
  4. Explore the different features available to you!


  1. What is My Tamimi App?
    The My Tamimi App is a convenient new tool for anyone with an interest in the legal sector, from law students to General Counsel.
  2. Why should I sign up?
    You will have access to a special set of features that are only available to the subscribed user, such as the ability to personalize your experience by creating a reading library of the topics you are interested in. Subscribed users also have access to the app chatbot, event calendar and Ask Essam, a feature that allows you to submit questions directly to Essam Al Tamimi. If you are currently one of our clients, you will also be able to access your matter and invoice information easily and securely.
  3. How do I sign in as an employee?
    Use your company username and password to access your profile via the “Employee login” link on the app splash screen.
  4. I am a client, however, I am unable to see my matters.
    In order to ensure confidentiality and the security of your information, only emails that have been approved will be able to access matter and invoice information. Reach out to your lawyer or relationship partner so we can start your onboarding process. Only company emails that have the authorization to view finance information will be on-boarded.
  5. I can view matters and invoices, but a recent invoice seems to be missing.
    New matters and invoices are added into the app at midnight every night. You will receive a notification on your phone screen when new items have been added that you have the authorization to view.
  6. Is my information secure?
    We are using current industry-standard encryption methods for data in transit and data at rest. Additionally, users will only be able to access matter and invoice information via the “My Matters” feature on the app after entering a One Time Password that is sent to their registered email address.
  7. I have an issue with the app, who do I reach out to?
    Submit a feedback form directly from the app, or reach out to us on mytamimiapp@tamimi.com and we’ll look into it and come back to you within 24 hours.
  8. I want to delete my account.
    Click on the settings button in the top right corner of the main menu and click on “Delete your account”. We will process your request within 24 hours. We would hate to see you go!
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