Major Anti counterfeit action in Ajman

Rasha Al Ardah - Partner - Intellectual Property

July – August 2013

The raid was conducted on behalf of our clients Wahl Clipper Corporation and Wahl GmbH, the owners of the well-known brands WAHL and MOSER for hair clippers and shavers.

We received information from our client on the availability of counterfeit products bearing the WAHL brand in a warehouse in Ajman. Acting on this information, Al Tamimi and Company conducted further investigations and identified more details of the warehouse and the available counterfeit products.

Upon the confirmation of the availability of the counterfeit products, a complaint was immediately filed with the Ajman Police.  Al Tamimi & Company was able to work with the Ajman Police to arrange a raid of the warehouse on the same day that the complaint was filed.

The Ajman Police, accompanied by the Al Tamimi & Company team, raided the warehouse and seized more than 5,600 counterfeit products bearing the brands WAHL and more than 100 counterfeit products bearing the MOSER brand.

Moreover, during the raid the son of the owner of the warehouse attended at the warehouse. The fact that this person was involved in dealing with counterfeit products was brought to the attention of the police officers and after the police obtained the required permission, the person was arrested immediately.

The warehouse located in Ajman was related to a company with its main business in Dubai. Indications are that many businesses in Dubai use warehousing facilities in other emirates. It should be encouraging to brand owners that the enforcement authorities in Ajman have been very cooperative in taking actions in the fight against counterfeiting in the Emirate.

Al Tamimi and Company’s Intellectual Property Department continues to works with the enforcement authorities in the various Emirates in order to effectively protect our clients’ valuable intellectual property rights.