Focus | Latest Trends in The Maritime and Aviation Industries

Omar N. Omar - Partner, Head of Transport & Insurance - Insurance / Shipping, Aviation & Logistics

We are once again delighted to bring to you a new issue focusing on Transport and Logistics. After a year from our last Transport special issue, I believe the words “unusual” and “unexpected” are now dated but they still are relevant given the nature of the transport industry, which is gradually emerging from COVID-19 but at the same time working round its effects.

In the near term, we foresee nimble and progressive changes on the regulatory front alongside the growing private and public investment interests in the maritime and aviation industries. In this connection, we also note that the logistics sector is increasingly view as a standalone sector detached from shipping and aviation, set to be more regulated uniquely. Our response to this was to set up Customs, Trade and Logistics group within our Transport Department, in order to better meet our clients’ growing needs.

Like many players in the transport industry and wider supply chain, we also ensured that our availability and delivery capabilities remain in top condition. In this regard, we have this year assisted a range of clients to complete a variety of transactions notwithstanding the impacts that covid measures may have. We also continued to bring results in the courtroom, sometimes through unconventional means, such as attaching a cargo on a ship where a ship arrest order was not possible to be obtained.

In this issue of Law Update, we cover a range of trending issues in the maritime, aviation, and insurance industries, which I hope you will find useful and enjoyable.