January 19, 2020

An Overview of our Family Business Practice

In the Middle East, many key industries are dominated by family-run businesses but with organic growth comes complex issues. Partner Richard Catling explains how sound frameworks and robust corporate structure help them thrive, paving the way for seamless succession and sound stewardship.


Our Family Business Offering

Al Tamimi & Company is the Middle Eastern leader in the development of robust legal protections to guard against the twin threats faced by every family business:

  • the severe risks accompanying any transition in senior leadership, namely internal gridlock and internal discord; and
  • the risk that and financial failure in one part of the family business will contaminate and consume the family’s core assets.

For the past 15 years, we have helped family businesses by:

  • crafting binding family agreements which secure clear and orderly transitions to future stewardship and protect against disruption to the enterprise; and
  • structuring the businesses and investments of families to quarantine core assets against legal risks and exposures.

We offer families solutions which are:

  • workable under Middle Eastern legal systems;
  • compliant with the local laws; and
  • compliant with Sharia


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