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A Guide to Intellectual Property Registration in the UAE

Published: 01/01/1970

Intellectual property protection and enforcement should form the crux of any business strategy.

In an ever-increasingly globalized world, IP management gives a business a competitive advantage. An appropriate IP management program enables a business to identify relevant rights and prevents competitors from obtaining an unfair advantage.

IP rights must be a key consideration for any business. Knowing the nuances of local laws in which a business operates is essential in identifying any vulnerabilities to IP ownership. There is no single formula to intellectual property protection.

Knowing how intellectual property laws are enforced in the UAE ensures businesses derive the most value out of their intellectual property.

For many foreign investors and corporations, the UAE provides unprecedented opportunities for growth and expansion. As an influential player in the field of global trade and commerce, the UAE’s intellectual property legislation ensures businesses are protected from many IP-related risks.

Because of the complexities surrounding IP legislation, any business seeking to protect their products and assets should seek professional and legal help.

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