Leen Masadeh is an Associated at Al Tamimi & Company admitted to the Jordanian Bar Associate with experience in Litigation, Arbitration and Legislation. Leen has been a Legal Officer at the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan for 3 years. Thus, she has garnered and refined a plethora of invaluable legal skills such as drafting and negotiating agreements in a variety of fields. Additionally, she is armed with a talent of examining constitutionality of cabinet decisions and a master of legal research on pressing and trending legal issues. Her skills work in conjunction with her Master’s Degree in Diplomatic Studies and International Relations.

Currently, Leen is an active member of our Legislation and Arbitration team in KSA. She has worked on cases pertaining to Maritime Law, Family Legislation, Export Houses and other legislation projects, Additionally, she is well versed in the law of the KSA because of her extensive experience in arbitration, where she has been an integral part of arbitration teams.

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Recent Experience

  • Advice on local legislation and policy issues;
  • Legal studies on legislation which include due diligence reports and benchmarking studies;
  • Drafting of new laws, regulations, rules, policies and resolutions;
  • Amendments to existing laws, regulations, rules, policies and resolutions;
  • Redrafting of bills which have been drafted in the English language to conform to the legislative structure in the relevant jurisdiction;
  • Carrying out gap analysis to determine what is missing or could be improved in existing legislation;
  • Carrying out benchmarking exercises to analyse what is done in other jurisdictions; and
  • Determining relevant international obligations that need to be met.

A selection of past Government and Legislative Drafting experience includes:

  • Currently working on drafting regulations for the Saudi Ministry of Interior relating to private civil security services.
  • Currently working on an e-Invoicing legislative project with the Emirati Ministry of Finance.
  • Currently working on developing a regulatory tool ensuring the protection of investors from the change of legislation with the Saudi Ministry of Investment.
  • Currently working on drafting a new Regulation for Hajj & Umrah Transport Law in cooperation with ADL Consulting for the Transport General Authority.
  • Drafting 3 policies for the Saudi Ministry of Human Capital and Social Development/Family Affairs Council in cooperation with Kearny. The Scope of Work included preparing Legal Due Diligence Reports.
  • Working currently with the Saudi Ports Authority in the project of “Merging the maritime transport and ports sector and transforming the Saudi Ports Authority into the General Authority for Maritime Transport and Ports”. The Scope of Work included drafting Legal Due Diligence Report and drafting a new Regulation for the new Authority.
  • Working on the Investment Environment Law in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Reviewing the Saudi Export Development Authority laws and identifying statuary requirements to implement accreditations and incentives, Developing a comprehensive list of all relevant local regulations of the Saudi Export Development Authority that might be effected by applying such accreditations and incentives.


  • Arabic
  • English  


M.A. in Diplomatic Studies and International Relations, University of Jordan – Amman, 2022

BA in Law, University of Jordan – Amman, 2017