Hussein graduated from Al Turath University in 2004. He started working with the Iraqi Property Committee for five years as a judge assistant (2006-2009); then worked as a legal advisor in the office of Litigation department at the Iraqi Property Committee (2009-2011).

After that, worked as a Representative for the General Company for Inspection and Rehabilitation which is one of the companies related to the Ministry of Industry and Mineral (2012-2014); then worked as an independent lawyer since 2014 to 2021. He joined Al Tamimi in 2021 as an Associate in Litigation department.

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Recent Experience

  • Represent clients in Real Estate, governmental and commercial contracts.
  • Represent clients in claims of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering works.
  • Draft legal opinions about the business plan for the litigation claim.
  • Draft and review the commercial and partnership contracts.
  • Act for clients in labour claims.
  • Represent clients in matters related to the real estate matters such as returning the property to the original owner after it was seizure by the government.
  • Challenge the issued decisions with the Cassation courts and obtain the decision for compensation.
  • Represent governmental directorate in the claim held by one of the electricity companies in Iraq to claim a compensation for an amount more than 1 Billion.
  • Represent clients in criminal lawsuits such as cheques without balance, obtain clearance because the it was not satisfied for the common requirements.
  • Act for clients in the administrative lawsuits related to the discipline of the governmental and general sector.
  • Prepare workshops to explain the Iraqi constitutional.
  • Contract with the Iraqi Organisation to coordinate the human rights.
  • Write articles about the labour, employee rights, withdraw the work in the constructions governments contracts, the union of the Iraqi industries, custom law, foreigner workers in Iraq, occupational safety, cybercrimes, bankruptcy, Guardianship on the banking.


  • Arabic


2004 – B.Sc in Law, Al Turath University


2006 – Iraqi Bar Association