Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Alajaji, Senior Associate, Litigation & legislation, Riyadh office.  Dr. Abdulrahman has vast and distinguished experience in legislation drafting. Prior to his joining Al-Tamimi & Co, he worked as Director of Legal Department of a Government Entity. Dr. Abdulrahman, during his service, had drafted and reviewed many policies and regulations and participated in the committees responsible for drafting laws and Regulations for several government entities.

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Recent Experience

  • Currently working with the Minisyry of Cultrual on sevral legislations projects inclding: museums, (ii) museum associations, (iii) libraries, (iv) prices of books and publishing houses, (v) intangible cultural assets, and (vi) cultural heritage assets,
  • working on drafting regulation for the Transport General Authority.
  • Establishing the regulatory framework for a center specialized in digital transformation within the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
  • Currently working on developing a regulatory tool ensuring the protection of investors from the change of legislation with the Ministry of Investment.
  • Participating in the stage of drafting and reviewing a number of regulations and policies such as (Energy Efficiency Service Providers Accreditation Regulation, Energy Efficiency Training Programs Accreditation Regulation, Energy Savings Management Mechanism in the Industrial Sector, Regulatory Framework of Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector, High Efficiency Air Coolers Initiative Policy).
  • Participating in the stage of drafting and reviewing a number of bylaws and policies pertaining to a government entity during its incorporation phase, such as the administrative regulations, financial regulations and board of directors governance regulations including (board of directors’ regulatory rules, executive committee rules, nomination and incentives committee, audit committee).
  • Presiding in a number of bid review committees organized pursuant to the Government Tenders and Procurement Law and the committees for claims and grievances.
  • Participating in the committees for drafting Electricity Law and Regulations, Energy Supply Law and its Implementation Regulations.
  • Participating in the membership of a number of committees, established from the representatives of the concerned entities to formulate the  recommendations and outputs, including the following committees: The Committee for Study of Rationalization of Electricity Consumption in Government Agencies, The Committee for Organization of the National Water Efficiency and Conservation Center, Committee for the annual fee added to the fees for issuance and renewal of driving licenses for vehicles according to their efficiency, the committee for the determining the fee for importing cars not conforming to energy efficiency, committee for import of sports and antique vehicles, the committee for drafting rules and standards for governance of procedures and decisions related to industrial facilities licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, committee for drafting proposals for monitoring the updated government legislations for encouraging fuel efficiency in the governmental and quasi-governmental sectors, committees for the annual reports  of the government, the committees for drafting memorandums of understanding in the field of energy with several countries).
  •   Participated in several comparative studies in the commercial fields, companies laws, contract laws, e-commerce legislations, and World Trade Organization legislations.





  • Doctor of Philosophy – PHD – Lancaster University, UK
  • Master of Law, in International Business, Faculty of Law, University of Hull, United Kingdom
  • Bachelor of Islamic Law (Honors) Imam Mohamed bin Saud University, KSA.