Tamimi’s Talented Trainees

If you have always wanted to work for a leading law firm, Al Tamimi & Company may be perfect for you.  Through the Tamimi Talented Trainees programme, we aim to develop talented candidates into  qualified lawyers. The programme is split into two: the Local Trainee Programme (for local qualifications) and the England & Wales Training Contract (for English  law qualification).

The two year Local Trainee Programme and the England & Wales Training Contract. consists of both on-the–job learning, including four, six month rotations in different areas of law, and off-the-job learning including legal skills, core skills training and personal development. The training contract offers trainees a consistent and positive experience.

During the training we ensure that trainees apply and develop practical skills such as drafting, transaction management, research for client’s pitches, and office procedures. During this time trainees are appropriately supervised and mentored by experienced lawyers, many of whom are solicitors. Trainees will receive regular appraisals of their performance and development throughout the programme.


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Internship Programme

We always welcome young and enthusiastic individuals who are looking to pursue both legal and non-legal internships. Our cultural and informational internship programme gives you the opportunity to meet new people and learn multiple skills whilst gaining experience in the region’s leading law firm. Participating in the programme will give you a chance to attend multiple skills-based workshops and gain first hand experience that will help  you cultivate an insightful interest in the legal profession, helping you  grow into leaders of the future.


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