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January - February

  • Amended landlord and Tenants law in Jordan

    by Saleem Kharraz - 

    The amended Jordanian Landlords and Tenants Law (the "Law") No. (22) Of 2011, that reads along with the Landlords and Tenants Law No. (11) of 1994 (the "Original Law"), includes amendments to the...

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  • QFMA Promotes Listing Of SMEs

    by Mohamed Khodeir & Kamal Hafez -  /

    With the regional struggle to revive equity capital markets, Qatar is taking yet another positive step forward. The Qatar Financial Market Authority (the “QFMA”) has recently completed the final...

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  • Extradition requests and available defences:

    by Ibtissem Lassoued & Mahmoud Mostafa -  -  /

    Leading a practice of law spanning from general corporate matters, to alternative dispute resolution, cross border proceedings, corporate investigation to risk management, members of the Special...

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  • Data Protection and Privacy Issues in the Middle East

    by Nick O’Connell - 

    The following is a summary of key aspects of notes from Nick O’Connell’s presentation at the Telecommunications Law & Regulation in the Middle East conference, held in Dubai on 12 & 13 December 2011.

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  • An Overview of the Federal Oil and Gas Draft Law

    by Jawad Khalaf - 

    In light of the recent development and economic reconstruction undergoing in Iraq, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil (the "Ministry") has submitted an amended draft of the Federal Oil and Gas Law (the...

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  • ‘Type Approval’ Required For Telecommunications Apparatus In The UAE

    by Nick O' Connell - 

    Mobile phone users in the UAE may have noticed recent news articles explaining how the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (‘TRA’) is planning to clamp down on counterfeit mobile phones.

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  • Online Gaming in the UAE: Potentials and Challenges

    by Lara Haidar - 

    The Arab online gaming market is growing at an exponential rate due to the robust increase in internet users. It is estimated that there are 1.6 billion internet users worldwide that play games, 38...

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  • Continuing Professional Development in the Legal Profession in Dubai

    by Chris Lipscomb - 

    CPD in any professional discipline is always a subject that is high on the people related agenda Within the legal profession, a number of countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia already have a...

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  • Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes – UAE legal position

    by Mamoon Khan & Dena ElKhatib -  /

    In the current economic times due to liquidity constraints among banks and financial institutions, we are finding more and more trade finance transactions are beginning to include commercial...

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  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Greenfields projects create opportunities

    by Jeremy Scott - 

    Dealings with KSA real estate are principally carried out according to a well established and traditional process involving private negotiations followed by the participation of a regional government...

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  • Summary of the draft Bankruptcy law

    by Richard Catling - 

    The proposed Federal Law on Financial Restructuring and Bankruptcy (the “Law”) revolutionizes bankruptcy rules, for both individuals and companies, currently comprised within the civil law.

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  • Judgment: Criminal and Civil aspects of Bankruptcy

    by El Ameir Noor & Zane Anani -  /

    In view of the proposed new UAE Federal Bankruptcy Law which is anticipated to be issued this year and the lack of cases that shed light on how courts interpret UAE’s bankruptcy laws, the discussion...

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  • Judgment: The question of the Court’s jurisdiction when multiple jurisdictions are involved

    by Ahmad Awalmeh - 

    The issue of the UAE Courts jurisdiction is frequently a concern when multiple jurisdictions are involved in one dispute. In the March 2011 edition of Law Update, an analysis of an Abu Dhabi...

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