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  • Qatari Court Decision Lifting a Travel Ban

    by Ahmed El Amoury - 

    A foreign construction company in Qatar recently won a lawsuit in relation to a dispute with a local company, the significance of which emanates from the fact that the competent court applied and...

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  • Iraq’s Resurgence: The Last 25 Years

    by Khaled Saqqaf - 

    Iraq’s recent history has been characterized by unrest, an ever-changing political regime, and economic fluctuations.

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  • Part 1: Extent of the Insurance Company’s Right of Recourse in Marine Cargo Claims

    by Siri Hashem - 

    This article is the first in a two part examination of a recent court case concerning the extent of a insurance company’s right of recourse against a carrier in marine cargo claims.

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  • Money’s Electronic Payment in Iraq

    by Modher Majeed  - 

    Electronic payments are processed through an integrated system of plans and programs offered by banking and financial institutions in order to facilitate secure electronic payment transactions.

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  • The Dissolution of the Egyptian Football Association’s Board of Directors

    by Laila El Shentenawi - 

    On 27 March 2016, the Egyptian National Supreme Administrative Court, Conseil d’Etat, confirmed the dissolution of the Egyptian Football Association’s (EFA) Board of Directors in its decision in case...

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  • Kuwait’s New CMA Bylaws Regarding Trading Securities, Premium and Treasury Shares

    by Omar Handoush  - 

    On 9 November 2015, the Kuwait Capital Markets Authority (the ‘CMA’) introduced extensive reform to its executive bylaws with the aim of bringing the capital markets framework in the State of Kuwait...

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  • New Healthcare Regulations in Dubai

    by Andrea Tithecott & Christina Sochacki -  /

    As healthcare spending in Dubai increases, and new healthcare services and treatment options enter the market, the healthcare regulatory framework in the Emirate must adapt to support these advances....

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  • Qatar: Understanding Guarantees

    by Rafiq Jaffer - 

    Like most jurisdictions in the Middle East and North Africa, Qatar has adopted a civil law system. This has its roots in the French Napoleonic Code and is distinct from a common law system.

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  • Intellectual Property in the High Fashion Industry

    by Ahlam Al Tamimi - 

    The purchase of a designer handbag is most satisfying, despite being among the most expensive in the shopping list of any woman.

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  • Copyright Violation can Lead to Deportation from the UAE

    by Bassam Al Azzeh - 

    The developments in the technology sector and the increased number of paid TV channels in the UAE have created a hotbed for illegal activities which may lead to intellectual property (“IP”)...

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  • An Update on the Dubai Data Law

    by Sana Saleem - 

    In an article entitled Open Data in Dubai: A New UAE Data Protection Law?, found in Law Update’s October 2015 edition, we discussed Dubai Law No. 26 of 2015 regulating Dissemination and Exchange of...

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  • Guide to Hotel Operations in the Middle East: Part One

    by Malek Al Rifai & Raissa Hajjar -  /

    This guide, published over two parts, has been put together by our offices across the Middle East.

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  • Inheritance Issues in the UAE

    by Ruksana Ellahi - 

    Many expatriates living in the UAE are unaware that in the absence of a Will, recognised by the UAE legal system, the process of transferring their assets after death can be time consuming, costly...

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  • Death or Bodily Injury on Board the Aircraft: A UAE Perspective

    by Vincent Coopinger & Saif Almobideen -  /

    In a court judgment handed down in March 2016 by the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance, Al Tamimi successfully defended an international airline in a claim for ‘Diya’ (or ‘Blood Money’) and...

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  • Regulatory Update

    by Malek Al Rifai  - 

    Private Home Owners and Authorised Tenants can now Apply Directly for a License to Operate a Holiday Home

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  • When the Clock is Ticking and the Contractor is in Delay: What Can You Do?

    by Scott Lambert & Zehra Manni -  /

    A development company has engaged a contractor under a minimally-amended FIDIC construction contract on a time-sensitive project for the construction of a number of villas.

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  • The New UAE Commercial Companies Law

    by Dipali Maldonado - 

    The new UAE Commercial Companies Law (Federal Law No. 2 of 2015) (“CCL”) came into effect on 1 July 2015 and we reported on the principal amendments made by the CCL in our June/July 2015 edition of...

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  • Overview of the Iranian Banking System

    by Karim Shiyab - 

    Following the gradual lifting of international sanctions on Iran, there has been increased interest among banks and financial institutions in exploring the potential opportunities in the Iranian...

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  • UAE National Service: A Revisit

    by Aisha Kokhar - 

    It has been nearly two years since national service was made compulsory in the UAE by virtue of the UAE National Service Law (“Law”) which was introduced in June 2014 and which Al Tamimi reported on...

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  • Jordan: A Window into the Last 25 Years of Development

    by Khaled Saqqaf - 

    The cornerstone of the Jordanian legal system is, and has been since its introduction in 1976, the Jordanian Civil Code. Civil matters in Jordan are and continue to be ultimately governed by broad...

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